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This website is created to find information on different hands-on-healing modalities i.e. Reiki.

It also will provide topics about different alternative healing approaches like Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and more.

This website goes even further by being open-minded and will include topics about metaphysics like Supernatural, Channeling, Angels, Tarot, Astrology and more.

Working with “unseen” energies is my passion and my belief, that it has an impact, positive or negative, in our daily life.

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To understand these unseen energies you have to know, that everything is energy and that energy can’t be created or even destroyed, it was and it is always there. We can learn how to use energy in our daily life and create a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

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The following is a bit of an Insight what you can expect from me and my articles

The word holistic means the whole person, everything is incorporated to see the whole picture. In medical terms, it means, that a person is not only recognized by its physical presence but also by the emotional, mental and spiritual part of its personality.


holistic health


A holistic practitioner (like myself) won’t and can’t diagnose unless he/she is also a medical doctor. Nevertheless, a practitioner has findings.  These findings will give him/her some clues what may have caused the current condition a person has to deal with.

 How a practitioner will get their “findings” is up to their training and education. This simply means of being knowledgeable about one or more Healing Modality and how to use and to apply it.

Spiritual healing has too many forms of use and applications. There is really no right or wrong. It mostly depends on which culture and belief the practitioner come from and how they will work with it.

An illness or disease never comes out of the blue. It actually will create itself slowly but steadily through a lifetime. Warning signs will show up along the way but, will be overseen due to the busy lifestyle we have, or sometimes just being ignored until one day our body can’t cope anymore.

Modern medicine, usually, will only treat the symptoms of a condition, or perform surgery. I am not saying modern medicine doesn’t have its usefulness, what I am saying is the fact, that allopathic medicine seems to be handled as the “Holy Grail” and nothing else can exist beside it.


allopatic vs holistic


I know this is a highly controversial discussion and in the end, we all have to make up our own minds for our own sake and understanding.

More and more medical doctors are starting to see the value in working side by side with a certified practitioner.

A few years back, I have read an article about a British dentist working with a Reiki Practitioner during dental surgery. The outcome was profound and the patient was much calmer and even did recover much faster.



With this website, I hope, I can shed some light on some alternatives which in conjunction with modern medicine can work for a person seeking healing and, by that, I mean healing on all levels.

I am a very open person and try not to close myself up too quickly because I don’t understand a concept at its first glance.

If you don’t understand it the first time around, and this goes for anything in life, just put it aside for a while and look at it at a later time. This approach really can help.

I am looking forward to engaging with my visitors and like to hear about their stories and experiences. We all are here to learn from each other. 🙂

May everyone finds something interesting here which may help them to gain more clarity, knowledge, and wisdom.

You can leave a comment below and ask for a topic you like to know more about it. If, I can provide an answer I certainly will do it.


apache blessings


I wish each one of you always an outstanding day!


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23 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi Sylvia,

    I come to your beautiful website with positive energies seeming a way to heal illnesses and diseases.

    My experiences with holistic energies, the law of attraction and natural medicines are self-taught. I have no guide but the Almighty God.

    I believe that energy is everywhere and it can be channeled for good and evil. It is unseen.

    What you put out, you receive!

    I could be wrong but it is my belief also that the mind, body, and spirit must be as one for natural healing to occur.

    Furthermore, although I can not see well in the physical, I “See” things in another way very clearly.

    And, when I touch certain people healing occurs. These things are just so.

    To learn more about holistic energies, what is the first lesson to master?

    I am a willing and loyal student.

    Blessings always

    1. Maxine, I do appreciate your lovely comment and sharing your personal experience on holistic energies and healing.

      I am too, believe in God and the Angles and the help I will receive when I am asking for it.
      The Law of Attraction tells us that the way we think, feel and put things into action will also reflect upon our environment. yes, what we put out there will also be received.
      The lesson, or better said the advice I can give you live a more and better holistic life is the fact to practice “forgiveness” and “Gratitude”.

      Forgiveness not toward others but also toward ourselves. We rather forgive a criminal for its “evil” dead than we will forgive ourselves for using a “white” lie.

      Gratitude is for me to be thankful each and every day, for the good things and the “lessons” I did experience to grow to become more peaceful.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. Good afternoon Sylvia,

    I agree with you, modern medicine is often not what a person needs. The holistic approach is way better as everything is related. Your lifestyle, what you eat, how you think and breathe, it all is important. A pill for the ailment might seem to work but does not address the root cause of the problem.
    In old China, one would pay the doctor as long as one remained healthy. On getting sick the doctor would get no more money. His interest in your health is understandable, right? Big Pharma is just the other way around, the sicker the population the better.
    I love your Apache prayer, for one of my websites I have also used a Native American prayer. Those were the people who lived in harmony with the environment, something we have sadly forgotten.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hello, Taetske,

      Nice meeting you and thank you for leaving this comment, so appreciated.

      Yes, you are so correct by saying that big pharma isn’t really interested in getting us back to health, they rather keep us dependent on the possible increase of any prescribed medication.

      Doctors, and here I mostly speak about Family physicians etc, are also the extended arm of the big pharma industry, this is the reason, why I don’t trust doctors.

      I know of the old Chinese saying of being a doctor, the saying goes something like this, “You know he is a good doctor when the waiting room is empty”. This meant, he has healed all his patients.

      Today, a doctors mentality is different. Sure, they still like to see their patients “healthy” but only with the drugs, they are prescribing. I know, I am a bit of a cynical person when it comes to topics like this, it just is too obvious to me what really goes on behind the scenes.

      People need to start to think independently again. This is one reason why I have created this website. I am not saying I know all the answers nor do I ever will. However, I like to bring my experience and point of view on topics and certain subject matters to start a conversation, get people’s point of view too.

      We all are here to learn, from each other.

      Sylvia 🙂

  3. Hi Silvia, I enjoyed your read very much and I look forward to getting to know you better, yesterday I tried to post and at the end, I got a big white screen I guess it didn’t go through but was able to communicate with you through WA. We have much in common and I love to talk with those that have the knowledge of energy healing
    My experiences are through acupuncture, acupressure, EFT, Meridian Health Muscle testing, my biggest quest is finding the common denominator to all disease. I have been able to concur that and know I am finding another road to walk down.
    always a better way Linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      Great that you, finally, could leave a comment on my site.:) I recognized of late that there is a technical issue, on and off, which are beyond my scope to do something about it.
      These things did happen also in the past.

      However, I always like to connect with people who do share similar interests when it comes to alternative healing methods and approaches.

      I am, too, familiar with acupressure, EFT, Muscle testing and some knowledge about the meridian system, which is really vast and interesting.

      Like you too, I also on the road of exploration to find what else is out there, what I still can learn and, perhaps, use it at first, which I always do, before writing about it and suggesting it to the public.

      Thanks for the connection, appreciate. 🙂


  4. Hi Sylvia

    It’s really great that you’re raising more awareness about holistic health! There are so many really great complementary therapies that people could benefit from to help speed their healing… and so many we are yet to learn about!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom

    with love,
    Joanna Kujath

    1. Thank you so much Joanna for your comment and insight.
      Yes, it is my deepest belief and personal commitment to help people to make healthy and informed decisions.

      With Love

  5. Absolutely fascinating! I will certainly be returning when I have more time.
    I have recently been experimenting with meditation at night, in an attempt to get a better, deeper nights sleep (I suffer from horrendous fatigue).

    Any advice surrounding this area would be very gratefully received indeed!

  6. Hi Sylvia,
    ma path is the path of a Yogi. Some years ago it helped me out of a depression. It’s a praxis I never will give up because it’s so good for my mind, body and soul. I’m working now on a website about yoga. My vision is that in the future in every school and prison will be a yoga teacher. It’s already the strongest movement on our planet. Everyday people starting this old kind of magic practice.

    By the way for some decisions I use the Tarot cards too. There’s a lot of wisdom in it.

    1. Thank you Dirk for your comment.
      I agree with you saying that Yoga should be taught in schools and prisons, I already at one time recommended even to teach meditation as early as pre-school.
      Having these two principles as a regular exercise, the world for sure will become a much more peaceful place. 🙂

  7. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.

  8. that is really cool, I always thought that you can do more with your body and with your mind. I was wondering if you have had your own experience with healing or some metaphysical experience were you healed something, or maybe you are doing some kind of exercises everyday to heal yourself, and I mean mental exercises to do that. Would love to know, 🙂

    1. Yes, I have done so, I am an intuitive healer and holistic energy practitioner.

      You can learn it, and also over time you will gain more knowledge and experience. Anybody can learn it when the interest is there. We all are capable to heal.

      Sometimes with hands-on modalities, sometimes by meditating and visualizing, sometimes just being a good listener to someone and saying the right “positive” words can make a difference and even initiate the healing process.

      Thank you for your interest and your question, appreciated.


  9. From the moment I read the first words of your post I knew I’d love it! =)
    I have always believed in energy being present everywhere and at all times and I think when you’re open to that you can actually feel it and use it to heal yourself and others.
    There are charlatans of course out there but the human mind and energy is more powerful than we think.
    I have for instance not taken a single drug for years. I don’t get sick or hardly ever, and when that happens I focus on my energy and on that of the earth and heal myself. I even practice this on my plants when they are dying lol and it works! I don’t know how but I know it works !
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you very much for your insightful comment, it is so appreciated.

      I am happy when people see and feel the same about universal energy and that there is more to our life than just what we can sense with our physical senses.

      Feel free to come back any time. 🙂


  10. Hi Sylvia – your information on energy is right on. It used to be thought that the space between solid objects was considered a vacuum with nothing in it. Now physicist are leaning to believe that about 5% of universe is solid matter and the balance is about 20% dark matter and 75% dark energy. By dark, they simply believe these discoveries are really there, but we just can’t see them. Regardless of the percentages, this would indicate that the universe is 100% energy. I like your site!

    1. Thank you Jim for your great comment and I am glad that you like my website. 🙂

      Please check out frequently for new content.


  11. Sylvia,
    The quote about everything being energy and the apache prayer are both insightful and elicit very positive energy. I do believe that “what goes around, comes around”. We all benefit or not from the vibrations we give.

    The vibration, energy, is what determines what something is in many ways. Water exists as a liquid, solid or gas all determined by the amount of energy present.

    Likewise with our words that are sound, vibration, energy and have the effect of being positive or negative. Hence the saying “It’s not what you say but how you say it?”

    I could ramble on here but will stop by saying that your website presents some interesting ideas worth thinking about.

    (My apology for getting the previous comments/review in the wrong place.)

    1. Hi David,
      Yes David, there is lots to say about energy and how it does has an impact in our daily life. The Moon phases comes into my mind.
      The saying “What goes around comes around” really depicts in its own way that everything is made of energy.

      Thank you for your comment and your given insight, very much appreciated. 🙂


  12. In recent years I have come to believe there are ways to heal the human body without using pharmaceutical drugs. Your holistic approach supports this. May I ask how much do you charge for a treatment/session?

    Also I would be grateful if can you tell me if you can help with lower back pain?

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thank you for your interest and your comment. Yes, I too believe in holistic approach and have lots of experiences with it, as a client and as a practitioner.

      I do charge for a distance session $ 75, which is a 1 hour session. It depends also if a client wants to be present via phone or skype. If a client can’t attend for any reasons, I still can perform my session and will recording it.

      My services will be up soon to be visit. With your back pain problem there can be different reasons. Besides physical issues, like a slipped disk, mental/emotional issues too can weigh heavily on a person. Without being to specific you always can contact me.

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