Archangel Azrael “God’s Help”

The Archangel Azrael name means the one who helps God.


What Azrael really does is to help people to cross over after they have died. He also will make sure that death is a “positive” one of those who are crossing over and that they won’t suffer.

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Archangel Gabriel “My Strength is God”

The name of Archangel Gabriel means “God is the strength, or God is my strength”.

Gabriel is supposed to be a female, but since archangels and angels are actually genderless, it doesn’t matter how you depict them.

The importance is, that you feel comfortable with the energy it represents and that you can make sense out of it. That’s all.

archangel gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is also known as the “Messenger”

In religious scriptures, archangel Gabriel is mostly known as the messenger.

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