Subliminal Messages Powerful & Effective

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Subliminal messages can be a powerful tool to change i.e. money concerns, personal issues, even health problems over time when being used regularly and correctly.

Conscious Mind vs. Sub-Conscious Mind

You might have already heard of subliminal messages, or have read about it, even used them in the past.

Are Subliminal Messages Dangerous?

There are lots of urban myths about how sales companies or advertisers use these kinds of messages to manipulate customers to act in a certain way.

The truth is, however, that subliminal messages won’t make you do or feel anything you are not already want to do or like to do.

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Reiki is Not New Age

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Reiki is not New Age nor any Old Age either. Reiki is and was always there, I might even bold enough to say that Reiki is as old as the Universe. Why else would the word Reiki translate into “universal life force energy”?



Some “unfounded” Facts of Reiki History

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Healing Modalities & You

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There are so many Healing Modalities out there that sometimes people can get confused what to use when it comes to an alternative healing approach.

healing with colors

I certainly do understand the confusion and speaking from my own experiences, I too had some issues in the past when trying out an alternative healing method that I didn’t know anything about.

Back then in those days, the internet wasn’t just on the radar and therefore most people went to “Esoteric Book Shops” etc., to find some literature on their chosen healing method, or find even a person they could have a chat with.

ayurvedic indian head massage

Nevertheless, even in the pre-digital time, you had an opportunity to get more information about something you are certainly having an interest.

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What you can do when you are in a “Bad Mood”

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Let’s face it, we all are going through it eventually. Having once in a while a bad mood spell shouldn’t bring you down for good.

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How to integrate the Process of Ho’oponopono with Reiki

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To integrate the process of Ho’oponpono with Reiki is easier than you might think. But first, we have to understand what Ho’oponpono is, where it comes from and what it actually does.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian cleansing prayer where we ask for forgiveness (repentance) to release blocked and/or negative energy to let the higher energy, the divinity, take over and do its work. Read more on Wikipedia.

Rainbow plumeria

This is a very simplified version of an explanation for this amazing method. Ho’oponopono translated, simply means, correction of any wrongdoing there is. However, where is it coming from and what is the history of this Hawaiian prayer? Continue reading “How to integrate the Process of Ho’oponopono with Reiki”

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