5G Radiation and its Dangers will change your Life


Taetske Guillaume has brought to my personal attention the danger of 5G radiation and the danger it does bring into our lives. Her article is an eye-opening testament what can happen if we, the people, won’t speak up.

The risks of accepting 5G into your life

I am writing a post on the dangers of 5G as I really think this poses a huge threat to all of us.


Good Old Letter, Photo Source Pixabay


In good old times, you would write a letter by hand. This letter might travel for weeks or even for months until it had finally arrived at its destination. To receive a letter would be an event and would inform you of the latest in the life of a loved one who would be far away.

Is more speed better?

Nowadays this has changed quite a bit as news travels at light speed by the click of a button. Modern time has improved on a lot of things and one gets the impression that all the commodities we are used to having, bettered our lives and we do not want to be without them anymore. It seems that the modern human cannot wait anymore, everything has to be instant.

This “need” is recognized by big companies who provide the tools so we can function fast on all levels in daily life. No need to cook anymore as we can put the pre-prepared meals in the microwave oven.

To communicate, we have smartphones which stay stuck to our brains the whole day long. We have become blind to the fact that this speed has a price. People just do not seem concerned about their health as long as things go fast.

There are apps thru which you can control all the functions in your house. Put on the heating and the light, get the washing machine started, check on the alarm system, and many more areas which seem to make our life more pleasant.


The iPhone, Photo Source Pixabay


Prior to man-made radiation, we had to cope with Earths radiation and radiation which is coming our way from outer space. There we are luckily protected by the ozone layer. I call these natural radiations and the human race has coped with it.

Then came the time, where men decided the need for more radiation, nuclear power. That really was not a clever idea, just remember all the nuclear disasters that have happened since. It became evident that the human body cannot withstand those amounts of radiation. We get sick, suffer a lot to then die.

Increased technology at the cost of our health

Still, it did not stop mankind from inventing more radiation and the developing of harmful technology continued. One can call it a booming industry. As people are not informed of the consequences, we applaud the super speed we are being offered.

Not so long ago we heard about 3G which allowed mobile phones, computers, and other portable devices to access the internet wirelessly.

This was followed by 4G. This is the fourth generation of broadband cellular network technology. It is about 5 to 7 times faster than 3G. Suddenly, our landscapes were invaded by metal trees, very ugly and dangerous as they emit radiation.


The Cell Tower, Photo Source Pixabay

 Some alarming news

On the internet and in the press, stories appeared which told of negative side effects of this new technology. People who were sensitive to these emissions had to change the town and even regions.

Babies could not sleep as the baby monitor was standing close to their head. The radiation it emitted was stronger than from a mobile phone. People working at airports in the U.S. were getting sick because their working hours were spent next to radiation machines.

We should not forget that this is a new form of radiation, which has entered our life. We are surrounded by it but, if you wished, you could unplug it in your home.

The arrival of 5G

Well, it seems we still need more and now 5G is on the verge to enter our life. Countries have test areas to see how it goes and in the meantime, many scientists are ringing the alarm bell. People are not informed about the health issues and they are made to believe that this new technology is harmless. This is far from the truth.

I came across this disturbing video, birds fall from the sky in Holland after a test with 5G.


The launch of 20.000 satellites

The plans are to have some 20.000 satellites stationed in Earth orbit sending their rays down to us. This means, that the total earth will be covered with a blanket of radiation. There will be no escape from this anymore, so even if you unplug everything in your house it will not make a difference.

There are many studies which show that 2,3, and 4G have had a negative effect on Fauna, Flora, and Humans. We absorb this radiation thru our skin.

 A multitude of serious illnesses

This radiation will cause an increased risk of cancer, cellular stress, changes in your DNA, the reproductive system will suffer, learning and memory problems, and the list goes on.

One wonders why these things are invented and pushed on to us. It happens because people are ignorant of the risks involved and companies want to make money.

There are no studies yet on the effects of 5G but, with the studies on 3G and 4G, one does not really need them to know this is even more dangerous. We are not asked if we want this. You cannot escape anymore.

The danger for the ozone layer

There is another fact one should not ignore. Those satellites will destroy the ozone layer. All these past years one has been so worried about the decline of the ozone layer and worldwide measures were put into place to save the ozone layer. 5G will destroy it.


 Join to save the world

There is an organization which collects signatures to stop 5G. You can go and read the manifest which was signed by many scientists and well-known people. Attached you will also find a long list of studies and reports warning of the danger of radiation.

We should speak up and stop this dangerous invention which will affect the lives of all people worldwide and that of future generations.

However, there is already a movement on the way which is giving hope to stop the 5G cell phone use, not just nationwide, but worldwide. Belgium’s capital city of Brussels has just done so. This is certainly good news and the right step in the right direction. Hopefully, more will follow.

About the Author


Taetske Guillaume

Taetske was born in 1950 in Australia where her Dutch parents had emigrated after the war.

They all moved back to Europe a few years later and Taetske remembers her childhood in Holland as one of her fondest memories.

Her parents gave her a wonderful start into her life teaching her about classical music, reading, visiting museums and concerts. She also is a very creative person, playing various instruments and even wrote her own little pieces of music.  Furthermore, she likes drawing and painting and working with clay.

Because of dyslexia and having problems in school, her parents thought it would be better for her to learn languages, which she did. Traveling to Switzerland, Germany, England, and France for the next few years gave her the opportunity not just to learn the language but also to learn about each culture.

She finished her studies in Perugia, in Italy, where also her parents lived, at the “University for Foreigners”.

Taetske lives now, with her partner Michael, on a farm in southern Spain.

Entrance to Taetske’s Farm

Both of her websites are a “must read” since they are filled with valuable information.

Mother Earths Treasures and Healthy Antiaging Alternatives 




Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

16 thoughts on “5G Radiation and its Dangers will change your Life”

  1. Wow this really is an eye opening article. I live in the UK and I recently read an article about 5G being launched here. They make everything sound great, they say that we’ll be able to do things better and faster with the new “5th generation” network, but we all know that it really just comes down to money. Phone companies are making a fortune whilst risking our health at the same time.
    The worst part about this is the fact that most of us wont even be able to avoid it.

    Thanks for the article!


    1. Thank you, Andrew for stopping by and leaving a comment on this important matter.
      Yes, it is so mind blowing what greed can do, not just to a single person but to a company, business and even governments.

      I agree, the health problems which might occur is left out and the stakes of this gambling is getting higher by the minute.

      I am glad, that the author, Taetske Guillaume is a powerful voice by writing an article about the issue and is helping to open our eyes.

  2. Hi, Sylvia, Thank you so much for helping spread the new on 5G technology. Taetshe has done marvellous work on bringing this to light. I am so wrapped up in my own work that if it wasn’t for her I would be oblivious to what is happening around me.

    I just spent 5 days on Asian 7 days, the truth about cancer. What this crew have uncovered and shed light on Big Farma Gurus and how they have manipulated our health just because the remedies that Mother Earth has can be found anywhere even in our own back yards.

    These are the same people that have the money but not to get gain, If you think about it, it is a power play. Then they will say, when all seems to be lost,” here we have the cures.” They will look like saviours but in reality, they are the culprits that brought about the Chaos in the first place. But then it will be too late it will have destroyed us.

    My grandson is watching the work that is taking place for an eventual move to Mar. These guys really think they have it all figured out. So know they think they will save a few and move to Mars. What? !ludicrous!

    This might be radical thinking but after watching these 7 days Asian truth about cancer I think, know anything is posable.

    Always a Better Way

    1. Thank you, Linda, for your passionate comment and your insight about the matter. It is really amazing to me how things are suddenly starting to shift, not just in us but outside of us, worldwide.

      I am more convinced than ever that this article from Taetske, her own website dedicated to the matter and beyond won’t be the last. There will be more to follow and the voices will be heard.

      I strongly believe in the energy and that everything is connected on every level.

      As you always say, Linda, there is always a better way.


  3. I believe that to get to the bottom of why this 5G technology is planned to be rolled out worldwide we need to do more than ‘follow the money’ in this case! It almost seems that those behind this technology have a deliberate intent to affect all life on earth in a negative way. Some scientists believe that 5G adversely affects our DNA, therefore affecting our overall health and wellbeing, and one of the consequences of this is much lower fertility levels, and fewer healthy offspring.
    While I am all for lowering the out of control population growth rate, I think that doing it in such a destructive way is criminal. The people that are left surviving if this technology is rolled out will definitely not be representative of humanity at its peak but will be a sickly, poor comparison to what our true potential is.
    I believe the people pushing the technology are just dumb pawns pushing technology for their own profit without realizing the enormous consequences that will affect them and their families as it will all other life on our beautiful earth.
    Many thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Thank you, Andrew, for leaving this remarkable and insightful comment of yours to this subject matter. I couldn’t agree more with your view on Taetske’s article. We need to spread awareness about it and I hope, you too, will share her article about the dangers of the 5G technology.
      Thank you


  4. Aloha Sylvia!
    Thank you, Sylvia and Taetske for this great article!! I hope very much that after Brussels’s decision other EU-countries will follow. Brussels is, after all, the capital city of European Union.
    But also, as you, Taetske, stated, do we need that much speed?
    Do we really need the over-usage of the wireless technology? Do we really need smartphones every time and everywhere??
    We need to be aware that our decisions are creating this world, this society as it is and our environment.
    Not only profit-greedy companies are responsible that such massive changes with negative impact on our environment and our health were possible. They offer – we buy.
    A big chunk of responsibility is on us! With more healthy choices for ourselves also our environment becomes healthier!
    Thank you for sharing this important information!!
    Many blessings!!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. Thank you, Jenna, for your wonderful comment and to be a part of the movement in spreading awareness on the matter, I also hope you will share Taetske’s article as well.

      I am still an “old” school gal, so to speak. I do like new things and improvements but, when it comes to smartphones, I still, only using it in an emergency to call and or to text. I even don’t have a smartphone, just a simple cell phone.

      It was my decision to do so and now, so many people I know even got rid of the good old landline Telefon, only using their smartphones. I personally don’t condemn them at all but, as you said, it is our responsibility because we are the ones who are buying it.

      I hope though, that many other European cities and countries will follow the example of Brussels and think about it to put a halt on this 5G technology; and think about it deeper what it really does to the health of all living creatures and to the environment as a whole.


  5. Hello Sylvia,

    I really appreciate you sharing the knowledge about the dangers of EMF and 5G-technique by publishing this post by Taetske.

    I am the same opinion and I have signed the abovementioned manifest against 5G. What makes me most scared and angry is that we have no possibility to avoid the radiation. They leave us no choice to choose a healthy environment to live in. The radiation only increases. They haven’t even made any studies around the 5G. Anyhow radiation overload is increasing the risk of cancer. There are studies in Japan that brain cancer has increased significantly among children and adolescents in the last 10 years since the increased use of smartphones.

    We must continue to spread the word of the dangers and hope that mankind will wake up and see that’s what really matters is a healthy life without painful diseases.

    All the best,

    1. I do agree with you, Pernilla, we have to stand up, as a whole, and voice our concerns and the proof of what this technology really does to us and to the environment.
      Thank you for signing up and for leaving a comment, appreciated.


  6. This is an excellent article, Taetske. I am aware of dangers of 5 G but felt like it was a done deal…glad to hear there are efforts to stop it. I look forward to reading the resources you provided and lend my signature to any effort to stop it. Thanks for keeping us informed…and thanks Sylvia for giving Taetske a platform. Debbie

    1. Thank you, Debbie, for your comment and it is always my pleasure to be a platform for people who want to raise and to share a concern, like the dangers of 5G radiation, with the public and to spread awareness.


  7. Hi,
    I have been watching and reading up on the havoc and detrimental impact 5G will have on all our lives. It is so sad that these people get away with this. Do we need more powerful internet or phones? This is beyond anyone’s doubt or mind of the dangers we already face.

    They are literally turning our own mother earth against us.
    It just seems complete madness to me how they are allowed to keep doing this to us all.

    My Cousin who lives in Australia was in the navy and he told my Mom about the dangers of microwaves this was over 20 years ago. He refuses to this day to have a microwave in his home. This is something that is not knew yet we allow it to happen to us.

    I am shocked about baby monitors too. How do we allow this? The saddest thing is they are ruining our futures but more so our children and their children’s futures.

    Thank you for this post, Taetske. Also, thank you to the owner of this Website. Thank you for helping us all to see the nightmares we face if this continues to go ahead. I have signed the petition.

    Thank you again.


    1. Thank you, Deborah, for sharing your opinion on the matter it is so appreciated.
      It is always my pleasure to host a guest post, like this from Taetske, to spread even more awareness of the dangers we are facing in this day and age.


  8. Thanks for this article Taetske and Sylvia, I believe there is needed a whole lot of research before we implement 5G in our homes. I have seen the video about the birds in the Netherlands. Researchers say that it was a virus what struck them. But it is noteworthy that at the same time there was a 5G test going on. Then the next question is, who hired the scientists who did the research. Was it completely objective, or do they have somehow monetization interests? It’s not that hard to twist a test into the most convenient direction of your own profit. Time shall tell. The first 5G test areas are already a fact.

    I know that Huawei is negotiating with the Dutch government about a complete 5G network over here. They are already very active in China and India with 5G.

    It will be hard to fight this when companies as Verizon, Amazon, Google, Huawei, and the Governments are supporting the 5G transmission.

    As always, follow the money…

    1. Thank you, Loes for your comment on the matter and I personally agree with you on the fact that we, sometimes, can’t rely on “scientific proof” or, should we ever, when it is about profit rather than about the truth?
      As other commentators already have said, only time will tell. Still scary though what we might face in the future and I am glad that the author, Taetske, is spreading awareness about all this.


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