I am not a licensed physician or from any other medical professionals and therefore don’t diagnose or prescribe anything. I am talking about my personal experience with healing modalities and other topics and share it with the public.

If you are trying out or choosing to use any of the healing modalities I am writing about due to my own experiences and education, you are using them freely and to your own discretion.

If you have medical problems or just don’t feel sure if you can or should use one of these healing modalities as a complementary treatment, please contact your doctor or other medical help, or a person of your trust.

The owner of this website is not responsible for any injuries or problems that may result from trying out any healing modalities, program or remedy/supplement the web owner is writing about.

Always do your own research on a subject or topic of your interest,  you may read about it here on this website.

If you are under a doctors care, please stay on it and always discuss your prescribed medication with your doctor. Never take the website owner’s personal point of view on things as a given for your personal situation.

By being on my website you have read and acknowledged this disclaimer.

The image of me on the page “About Sylvia” is personal owned by the web owner

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I always appreciate these images and videos are available and will enhance my articles/posts.

Thank you to the Unknown Contributors

July 2015


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