Archangel Azrael “God’s Help”


The Archangel Azrael name means the one who helps God.


What Azrael really does is to help people to cross over after they have died. He also will make sure that death is a “positive” one of those who are crossing over and that they won’t suffer.


How does Archangel Azrael work?

Azrael will also assist the freshly departed one to find its way around, once again when they have reached the “other side”.

Archangel Azrael does, even more, he will help all grieving loved ones, family, friends and more by sending them lots and lots of healing energy, spreading the Divine light of God, the Creator.

Why is this Archangel so feared?

The Archangel Azrael, unfortunately, is feared too much and his name is spoken in fear by calling him “the Angel of Death”. Azrael certainly doesn’t mind being called that way, no, he would agree with you.

The Angel of Death

However, literature, movies, and pure legend talk from generation to generation have brought lots of confusion and unhealthy fear about this wonderful and gentle Archangel.

Although, there is no denying that Archangel Azrael is God’s help and when the life experience on Earth has come to the end of a soul, he will be there to help this soul find its way back, in Heaven.

Nevertheless, Azrael is helping the living too by sending healing energy and soothing their pain of loss.

Azrael is the angel who does support any grief counselor with their work by shielding them so they won’t absorb any grief, and pain from their clients, and will help them to find the right words in any situation.


But, you don’t need to be a grief counselor to call upon the Archangel you can call him too when you are grieving and or you need help yourself to help a loved one in its dying process.


What is the Energy of Archangel Azrael?

The energy of Azrael is very calming, soft, quiet, respectful and composed.

He never imposes but he is a constant source of love, soothing comfort and strength.


Azrael is helping with:


  • To give comfort to the person who is dying
  • To give comfort and soothing energy to the grieving person
  • Helps the deceased person’s soul to cross over
  • Helps grief counselors with their work
  • Will help and support any grieving person in all areas, emotional, spiritual and in material matters


Archangel Azrael

My personal experience with Archangel Azrael

Back in the mid 90’s I experienced a very tough break-up with a man I really thought of as “the one” but it did turn out to be the opposite.

Even to this day when writing about it; I still can’t believe that I didn’t see it earlier because I would have gone out of it much quicker, as I have done so before.

This time, however, I wasn’t so lucky and the pain, the love hurt, was so strong and deep that I thought I won’t survive it, but I did.

After a phone call with a friend of mine, she immediately suggested calling upon Archangel Azrael. At first, I was shocked because, like so many others, I too, knew him only as the angel of death and I also made him, unfairly, responsible for the death of my love for this man or actually his love for me who had died.


It was a very hard weekend to go through and the weeks to follow, but I did it and with the help of the Archangel.

From there I also worked with him in my profession as a Geriatric Nurse, working mostly with the elderly and disabled people, and had to deal with lots of dying processes, grieving loved ones and more.

I really felt the difference each and every time I called upon Azrael. I strongly recommend that you too, if you feel the need for it, to call him and see for yourself how he can and will help you.

Azrael will help with any transition you are facing and it also won’t matter if you are a believer in a religious sense or you call yourself “just” spiritual, or you are none of both. If you call upon him he will help.

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You can leave a comment below if you have more questions or can share your own experience with the Archangel.

Wishing you always a wonderful day.

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Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

12 thoughts on “Archangel Azrael “God’s Help””

  1. I grew up as a protestant and never really “met” any angel. Then I left religion behind but it came back in a different form these years.

    Having said that: reading your article allows me to see the power of connecting with the divine by calling on the archetypical figures. We all know about the power of our minds. This allows us to tap into the forces of the noosphere, the field in which we are embedded and connect with those forces which can help us – if we allow to be in contact.

    Very interesting and inspiring, Sylvia!

    1. Thanks, Heidi for leaving a comment and sharing your insight. To see, feel and hear the Angels doesn’t require any belief on your part nor is the part in belonging to any religious or spiritual group.

      This is for everyone who wants to know more beyond what our intellect is telling us, just open up, not so much the mind but the heart. 🙂

  2. This post on the Archangel Azrael was very interesting indeed. As before this post I had never come across the name. I found the post both soothing and comforting, and it seems very well thought out and was beautifully written.

  3. Wow, very interesting article about this archangel. I had too this understanding that he is just an angel of death, but reading that he also is of help to the living is totally new to me.
    Thanks for your clarification.

  4. Interesting post Sylvia, and thanks for sharing how it has worked for you in your own life. I’m hopeful that I won’t need to call upon him in the near future, but it’s nice to know about for when the time arises.

  5. Hello Sylvia,
    I love your site. I was hopping around a bit.
    I love angels and their mission and what they represent. I love the fact that you take the time to gather as much information about them in one place and that you take the time to inform and educate people.
    It is such a ‘quiet’ subject for so many people. Your site helps ‘open up’ their awareness to their existence and their love and willingness to be a part of our lives here.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Michelle, I am glad you liked it and feel free to check out all the other articles I have written about the angels.
      Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂

  6. Thanks for this post Sylvia and I could probably do with calling on this Archangel myself today as I just feel as if I have lost a massive part of me at the moment and feel so sad.

    I won’t say anymore other than I enjoyed reading this post and found it quite interesting even though I have to say that I do not really believe in all these things. Just the way you wrote it Sylvia made it feel very comforting to read thanks.

    1. Cheryl, I do thank you for leaving this comment and I can tell you that it actually doesn’t matter if You are believing in angels or not, they are there for all of us because they are non-denominational.
      I hope you do find some comfort in the reading.
      All the best to you. 🙂

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