Healer’s Digest, a Book for any Practitioner, or not, who likes to have their own Healing Practice

Recently, I came along a book on amazon.com where I have found this book called: healer's-digest-book

HEALER’S DIGEST  a Guide for Healers and Healers to be”

-by K.S. Lamperts-

First, I was a bit hesitant to get this book, but soon as I read it, in one session, I was surprised because the author wrote about her own journey, back in the 90’s, and how hard it was for her to start her own Reiki practice.

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In this time area there was no internet,  or it was just coming out and there also was no guidance, according to the author, how someone really starts a healing practice from home, or putting themselves out into the public.

I remember when I was starting out, also during the 90’s, and I, too, didn’t have any clue how to do things. I just followed my own inner guidance and some stuff went well, other things not so much.

Anyway, I really do recommend this book, it’s also in e-book version available.

Although, the author talks about her Reiki practice, you certainly can apply her story to any other healing modality and even beyond that, having nothing to do with healing related jobs and such at all.


I do believe, it also will fit for anyone out there who tries to start any home based business.

The author’s advice and suggestions certainly can help anyone who likes to go that road.

Give it a shot, it is worth it, especially for newcomers, like myself once, who didn’t know back then where to turn to.

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