A Short Version of the Complete Guide of the 7 Chakras

In this short version of the complete guide of the 7 chakras, I like to show, who is interested, what it is about the chakras, what are they, what do they do and how you can work with them to balance and enhance your overall health.

The people of the eastern world, especially India, have known the chakras for thousands of years. Chakras are energy wheels (see picture below), rotating in circles along the spine, at the back, and at the front. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning, “wheel of light” or “vortex”. Continue reading “A Short Version of the Complete Guide of the 7 Chakras”

Archangel Gabriel “My Strength is God”

The name of Archangel Gabriel means “God is the strength, or God is my strength”.

Gabriel is supposed to be a female, but since archangels and angels are actually gender-less, it doesn’t matter how you depict them.

The importance is, that you feel comfortable with the energy it represents and that you can make sense out of it. That’s all.

archangel gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is also known as the “Messenger”

In religious scriptures, archangel Gabriel is mostly known as the messenger.

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How a “Reiki Shower” with Salt can Benefit you in many Ways

When I talk about “the salt” you already know what I mean, it is Epsom salt or even plain sea salt. Did you also know that you can use it as a shower too? In this article, I hope I can convince you, since it has the same positive effect when using a Reiki shower with salt as you would have with a full bath or a foot soak.

Every Reiki practitioner might know how to use Reiki when in the shower. I will go into more details on how to proceed with it later in the article. Please know what I further describe, by using Reiki in the shower, can also apply to every person who has no further knowledge about Reiki or isn’t a Reiki practitioner.

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Mudras-Hand Yoga for Your Health-



Since I am very passionate about how I can increase and maintain my health, I came along, many years ago, a self-healing method called the Mudras. Simply said, mudras are yoga done with your hands.

This is a very simple technique and everyone can do it. I even would call it a perfect method a whole family can do together and will see the benefit of doing so in due time.

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How to use Reiki on Children & Animals

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Using the Reiki Healing Energy on children and animals isn’t new at all it is rather gaining more popularity than ever before and to prove my point just use these keywords Reiki, children, animals in a search engine and you can see what I mean.


Reiki is a gentle, safe but powerful healing method. I have already written a few articles about Reiki which you will easily find here on my blog. However, in this article, I like to emphasize Reiki being used on children and animals.

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