The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part One – The 1st Chakra –

The First Chakra, also known as the Base or Root Chakra, is the ultimate foundation of our whole energy existence.

Note: You can find out more about the 7 Chakras in this article, which is a shorter version, an overview, including all the seven chakras.

This complete chakra guide, of the whole seven chakras, will give you, hopefully, a better understanding in how each and every chakra does work, which part of the physical body is in close relation to it and much more.

Today, we will focus solely on the 1st Chakra. Continue reading The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part One – The 1st Chakra –

How to release trapped Emotions with the Emotion Code Method


Here is another amazing healing method which is called the “Emotion Code“.

This particular healing method deals with trapped emotions, which can be found anywhere in our physical body and, within all the subtle-energy bodies.

How do we get trapped Emotions?

 The answer can go from being inherited to acquire throughout a lifetime, due to any kind of traumatic experiences, and more.

It doesn’t matter if a person really believes in all this or not, the fact stays that trapped emotions can be found throughout our whole existence. Continue reading How to release trapped Emotions with the Emotion Code Method


Why Reiki should not be taught Long Distance

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Certified Reiki Teacher

In this article first and foremost, I will explain while Reiki and also other “hands-on” healing modalities shouldn’t be taught in any form of long distance.

I do know very well, though that in our day and age of learning, shifting more and more to the “digital” option can have its advantages for sure.

One of the big advantages is the lesser costs. You don’t have to pay shipping and handling and you have most of the time immediate access to your purchased product on the same day.


It can’t get any better than this and I agree!

Read more about Reiki and its many advantages here

However, there are still limitations and one of them is to learn a hands-on healing modality which requires the presence of the teacher “live”, not through an audio, mail, email, or DVD presentation.

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A Short Version of the Complete Guide of the 7 Chakras

In this short version, of the complete guide of the 7 chakras, I like to show the person, who is interested, what it is about the chakras, what are they and what do they do.

The people of the eastern world, especially India, have known the chakras for thousands of years. Chakras are energy wheels (see picture below), rotating in circles along the spine, at the back, and at the front. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light” or “vortex”. Continue reading A Short Version of the Complete Guide of the 7 Chakras


Subliminal Messages Powerful & Effective

Subliminal messages can be a powerful tool to change i.e. money concerns, personal issues, even health problems over time when being used regularly and correctly.

Conscious Mind vs. Sub-Conscious Mind

You might have already heard of subliminal messages, or have read about it, even used them in the past.

Are Subliminal Messages Dangerous?

There are lots of urban myths about how sales companies or advertisers use these kinds of messages to manipulate customers to act in a certain way.

The truth is, however, that subliminal messages won’t make you do or feel anything you are not already want to do or like to do.

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