Body Talk, a Healing Modality who restores the Body’s communication with itself

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We all do communicate for different purposes, but most of all to make ourselves be heard, and to get our point across. Body Talk is no difference when it comes to communication. However, this communication is inwardly and I will show in this article how it works.

Who has founded Body Talk?

This awesome healing modality was founded by an Australian Chiropractor,

Dr. John Veltheim

Dr. John Veltheim now lives in Florida, U.S.A.  Here is a video by Dr. John Veltheim explaining in his own words what Body Talk is.


For what is Body Talk actually being used?

Body Talk, as those two words so terrifically describe, is the body’s own method to communicate with itself, and with all the other bodily functions within the body system, to either restore or maintain perfect health.

Without the communication between these other bodily functions we couldn’t exist at all, therefore, a good communication is crucial when it comes to our overall health.

These are the different systems within the body:

  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Blood system
  • The Endocrine system
  • The Organs
  • The Nervous system, etc.

All these systems are in good communication when the body is healthy. Unfortunately, this sometimes isn’t the case and we might feel the lack of it as a result of not feeling well, or, being really sick, or even due to a trauma.

Body Talk

What happens when the body doesn’t communicate?

To make this part a bit clearer I will tell my clients this little story. In our belief and understanding of holistic energy medicine, the body-mind is an entity who does know what is the best for itself. This is the part where the body is usually very good in restoring an imbalance and therefore will heal itself on an ongoing basis.

When we sleep at night, this is usually the best time where the body will do its work of restoring health. Our conscious mind, or “blabbermouth” as I like to call it, is also at sleep and won’t interfere.

However, there are sometimes circumstances, or an overload on misinformation, or miscommunication, where the body-mind has a problem understanding what another system is saying.

” The Liver is talking to Pancreas, but Pancreas can’t, or won’t understand what Liver has to say, the result of this miscommunication (it has to be that way for quite some time) in most cases can lead to a disease known as Diabetes”

This is just a small portion of what can happen when our body is not in the right mode of communicating with the other body systems.

How does a Body talk Session look like?

The Body Talk Practitioner will use kinesiology muscle testing and will ask questions which can be answered either with a yes or no.

Muscle Testing

There is also a Body Talk protocol, which the practitioner will use to establish the correct source of the problem and to restore the missing communication between the different body systems.

Protocol Chart

The client will either sit or lie down, fully closed and relaxed. The practitioner prepares himself and asks the client’s body if he/she has permission to proceed.

The earlier mentioned body talk protocol is the absolute guideline for the practitioner to find the gap between the different body systems.

When the problem of concern has been established, the practitioner will first slightly tap on the client’s head (both brain hemispheres are being tapped on) and then on the client’s chest/heart area.

The tapping is an important sequence of the body talk session. By tapping on the top of the head we actually awaken the brain to realize and check, or scan the whole body and realize that there is indeed somewhere a miscommunication going on.

After a few slight taps on the head, the slightly tapping on the heart area is being done to save the newly reestablished communication.

With these two tapping steps, the communication between the different, non-communicating body systems has been restored once again.

This healing modality is safe, non-invasive, and very effective. For more information, you can go to the main website of  IBA Global Healing


I am a Body Talk practitioner myself and can perform a body talk session one-on-one, or as I do in many cases as a distance session.

If you like to know more about this modality or like to have a distance session with me you can go to the Store for my Services, and order a session or Contact Me when you need more information.

I like to hear from you and if you already had some experiences by receiving a Body Talk session, I certainly would like to hear about.

You can leave me a comment below.

Wishing you always an outstanding day!

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6 thoughts on “Body Talk, a Healing Modality who restores the Body’s communication with itself

  1. Hey There

    Excellent information thank you for providing us with such informative info. I particularly like the way you right your personality shines through your content and makes it easy to understand, even for me very well written.

    That video and your content really opened my mind to this subject, I know it is not one many people talk about but this was very usefull.

    Thank you for this article I have a cousin I know will find this post very interesting as she was looking for similar information just the other day, I will share this with her now.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Jack,

      Thank you very much for your comment and yes please, feel free to share it with other people you think will like to read it. 🙂


  2. Body Talk… very interesting. I have never heard the term before. But, oddly enough, I have firsthand knowledge that what Dr. John Veltheim is saying is correct. There was a time when I was way off balance- for all sorts of reasons. I didn’t understand that health pertains to the mind, body, soul and spirit. I didn’t understand that what we ‘consume’, whether physically or emotionally, or mentally… affects our health in those arenas. I was young and dumb, and living around toxic situations and dysfunctional relationships. A major life event removed me from all the things that had been polluting my well-being. Amazingly, over time, I was healed of every so called affliction that had plagued me for years. I was even clinically diagnosed with bipolar and depression- both of which vanished into thin air.
    I am a believer that health is comprehensive- mind body soul and spirit, and when we nurture these different aspects of our selves we will heal.

    1. Hi Tommy,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your testimonial in how you have experienced healing.

      I agree with you 100% and I also like to say that we are on a journey. We do learn everyday something new and will add lots of things to our tool box.

      Ride the wave, as I always like to say, you will reach the next safe shore for sure. 🙂


  3. Hi Sylvia
    Your site brings a whole new concept and vision to me as i had never heard about this discipline(body-talk) before. Never really thought that our ills could be caused by lack of, or miscommunications between different organs of our body. But when you think about it, seems so obvious now 🙂
    This has the merit to stir new interests in me and I will for sure do some research on the topic. Thank you very much for that.
    Concerning your site, things are well explained and generally gives the reader the urge to read more, and that’s great. Would be great however if your pictures (with text) could be clickable or of better quality.

    Otherwise, great job!!!

    Jean Michel

    1. Hi Jean Michel,

      Thank you for your comment about body talk and your suggestions. Pictures are not clickable to avoid being downloaded as so is to content.

      The size of the pictures has to be limited to avoid longer waiting time for the site to appear.

      Sorry about that 🙂


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