Archangel Gabriel “My Strength is God”

The name of Archangel Gabriel means “God is the strength, or God is my strength”.

Gabriel is supposed to be a female, but since archangels and angels are actually gender-less, it doesn’t matter how you depict them.

The importance is, that you feel comfortable with the energy it represents and that you can make sense out of it. That’s all.

archangel gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is also known as the “Messenger”

In religious scriptures, archangel Gabriel is mostly known as the messenger.

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Archangels, heavenly Beings among Us

When we hear and talk about archangels, we talk about them, mostly known to us, through either the Bible, the Koran, or other religious scriptures.

The word “Arch” is a Greek word and plain translated into English means “Chief” angel.

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Archangel Michael “The One who is like God”

The translation of the name Michael means something like, “the one, or he who is like God“.

Archangel Michael is also called “Saint Michel” and is still to this day the official patron of firefighters, soldiers, and law enforcement.

Archangel Michael is the “chief” angel among the other archangels.

In pictures, Michael is portrayed with a sword. This sword is used to cut through the toxins, which is negative and low vibrational energy, to cleans not only the world of it but also individuals who are asking for his help.

Michael is the “leader”, or “boss” if you will, to those who are being considered “lightworkers”.

AA Michael has inspired many leaders of their times, such as Joan of Arc. During her trial, Joan said, that it was the Archangel Michael, who gave her the courage to lead France during the Hundred Years War.

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Archangel Raphael “God’s Healer”

The name Raphael comes from a Hebrew word Rapha, meaning “doctor” or “healer”god's healer

Archangel Raphael also is God’s healer or even God’s doctor.

Raphael is known for his work to perform healing miracles for humans and animals alike.

His powerful healing work of the physical body as well as all the ethereal bodies like mental, emotional, energy and spirit, has numerous testimonials, just search the internet.

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Archangel Uriel “God’s Light”

Archangel Uriel’s name means simply “God’s Light“, or ” the Fire of God“.

The reason for it, so it’s been said, that Uriel was giving prophetic information and also can give warnings about upcoming or already existing situations.

archangel uriel

Archangel Uriel, direct and to the point

He also will illuminate situations which are dangerous and unhealthy for those who are asking for his assistance. 

It is being said in the Bible, that it was the Archangel Uriel who did tell Noah of the upcoming flood, informed the prophet Ezra of the forthcoming of the Messiah, and brought the knowledge of the Kabbalah to our awareness.

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