What is the Science behind EFT tapping and how it works

The science of Emotional Freedom Technique or short EFT is new in its approach but, the science behind it is actually the old knowledge of thousandsĀ of years. So, how does it work?

Some History about EFT

Gary Craig, a Standford graduate, and an engineer was also interested in self-development methods. He met Dr. Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist and the founder of “Thought Field Therapy”, or TFT, which will become later known as “Emotional Freedom Technique”, or EFT.


Craig was soon educated and trained by Dr. Callahan back in ’91. Callahan had dedicated his life for more than 40 years, to find solutions to heal his clients from their “unreal” phobias, fears, trauma andĀ all kinds of stress.

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