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Reiki is Not New Age

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Reiki is not New Age nor any Old Age either. Reiki is and was always there, I might even bold enough to say that Reiki is as old as the Universe. Why else would the word Reiki translate into “universal life force energy”?


Some “unfounded” Facts of Reiki History

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Why Reiki should not be taught Long Distance

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In this article first and foremost, I will explain while Reiki and also other “hands-on” healing modalities shouldn’t be taught in any form of long distance.

I do know very well, though that in our day and age of learning, shifting more and more to the “digital” option can have its advantages for sure.

One of the big advantages is the lesser costs. You don’t have to pay shipping and handling and you have most of the time immediate access to your purchased product on the same day.

It can’t get any better than this and I agree!

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But, there are still limitations and one of them is to learn a hands-on healing modality which requires the presence of the teacher “live”, not through an audio, mail, email, or DVD presentation.

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