Everything is Energy under the Sun and behind the Moon

albert einstein on energy

Let me start with one of Albert Einstein’s famous quote:

albert einstein on energy

And this is how it goes. Everything is made of energy, the manifested form like YOU & I, our houses, the chair we sit in, the food and fluids we consume, etc., etc.

Then, there is the unseen energy, energy who already exists, but hasn’t manifested, yet into our physical reality and perhaps some of it never will. This form of energy you can find through “Metaphysics“; unseen forces surrounding us constantly.

energies surrounding us

God, is for us humans an unseen energy force and yet, those who believe in it would never question its existence. So why is it, that some people dispute the existence of other unseen energy forces like angels, ascended masters, fairies, gnomes, even unicorns?

The world of mystics is infinite, confusing and fascinating at the same time. Some of us will admit to these energy forms and won’t dispute their existence, even though they haven’t seen it for themselves with their own physical eyes; and yet, they believe.

Others will dispute it and see it as utter nonsense or even stupid only interesting to gullible people.

Both sides have their right to believe what they think, in their opinion, is the truth.

Energy is more than just plain physics

 Physicists do work with energy as a tool which is measurable, observable and does exist in theory in our physical reality. 

However, more and more physicists put their focus on “metaphysical” experiments and try to show and deliver proof (real facts) that, besides our physical reality, there is also a non-physical reality to be discovered.

In the book “The Little Prince“, one quote certainly sums it up.

the little prince

It sure is a controversial subject and I am not here to convince you as the reader to take my word for it. No, I only like to stay open-minded and consider, not every angle there is, but at least I like to show a few possibilities, and perhaps you too like to think about it first before you make your judgment.

We all can have our opinions. It doesn’t hurt anyone as long we don’t try to convince each other of being right.

Albert Einstein, in his time, was certainly a pioneer. When he presented to the world his discovery of the “Relativity Theory“, many of his friends, colleagues, and opponents weren’t on his side right away. Nevertheless, he stood by his findings anyway.

It sure takes courage, guts and true conviction to believe what you think is or could be a part of the bigger truth. Who does knows everything, or who does knows the absolute truth if there is one?

This site will talk about the unseen energies surrounding us

As a holistic energy practitioner and an intuitive healer, I have worked for over 27 years with these so-called “unseen” energies.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, and using the universal healing energy on my clients, has brought me lots of proof over the years that Reiki healing does work and will bring results. If you know about Reiki already, you will know what I am saying.

You can read more about on Reiki in one of my previous articles such as How to use Reiki on Children & Animals, or How to use the Reiki Moving Meditation.

Writing more about alternative Healing topics is a huge part of this website but, I also will write about the supernatural such as the Archangels, or how to conduct an Oracle card reading, and more.

The use of sound, the proper use of words and the power of Mother Nature are also valuable tools to one’s personal growth and healing.

The topics are certainly vast and over time I will pick up on one after another and write about it. Some topics are my personal beliefs and, or are my personal experiences. Nevertheless, I will include both in my future articles.one god

Again, I am not here to convince anyone about anything. I only like to share and I like to engage with YOU the visitor. I always like to hear other people’s opinion and point of views, as long they are being presented with mutual respect.

The awareness that we are surrounded by energy forces and how these forces can have an impact on our health mentally, emotionally and physically, should be enough to take a deeper look and to get a more of an understanding why we react to certain situations at a certain time.

I, personally, found this article about the movement of the Magnetic North Pole, fascinating and it opened some new thoughts and questions to me, which I hope can be answered by those who are observing and researching it.

Only Time will tell.

Leave a comment below, perhaps you have more topics you would like to see here, or you have something to share.

Feel free to do so.

Wishing you always a peaceful day! 🙂



Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

16 thoughts on “Everything is Energy under the Sun and behind the Moon”

  1. Good Morning Sylvia,

    As my parents had such a different religious background they decided to not baptize and let me find my own way. I believe we all come from the same Source and we all will go back there. During our life on earth, as we are all equal, we have to learn to respect each other. We all have the same rights and obligations. Yes, everything is energy and we form part of that energy.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thank you Taetske, for your insight on the subject matter.
      I have found out, and especially in recent months, that more and more people do believe that there is more than we with our “brains” can understand. For me, this is a new wave and a rise of collective consciousness.
      I like the fact, that your parents left it up to you to find your own way in what you like to believe in, this is a huge gift a parent can give to its child.


  2. This is very interesting! I have never really been a huge fan of pharmaceuticals to heal because they cause many complications upon the complications I already have. Doing things while using the forces around us really do have a power, we just have to really focus on it. I personally was doing really well when I was reading a book by Rhonda Byrne about the power of thought and thanks. Its all about focusing your energy and such. I just failed to finish it due to complications, but I am definitely planning on starting something like this very soon, will probably be looking at your website a lot. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Adriana for stopping by and leave a comment.

      I agree, there is so much to learn and especially to focus upon higher potentials and better outcomes. We do have the power to change our lives for the better or even for the worse. But who really wants that, right?

      I heard about Rhonda Byrne and I certainly will read one of her books. 🙂

  3. Hi there, thanks for your article, I really enjoyed reading it today and im going to bookmark you so I can pop in from time to time. Am I big believer in you are what you think about and have been reading a lot of books from Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay over the past year or so. I really think we should be teaching these practises in schools as there would certainty be a lot less violence and a lot more patience in the world today. Thanks again Joanne

    1. Thanks, Joanne for taking the time to leave a comment.

      I certainly do agree with you about teaching our children the principles of humanity and spirituality without the dogmatic influence of man created organized religion.

      There are a few projects going on worldwide to teach, for example, Reiki in school, or the basics of Access Body Talk.

  4. Thanks for the article, it was an interesting read. I had no idea the human heart had a magnetic field around it let alone that it can be measured several feet outside the body. What a cool tid bit to know. I’ve always been interested in holistic health and natural healing. there is just so much to learn about the subject. I can’t wait for your next article.


    1. Thank you Mercedez, I am glad I could give you some insight in how holistic healing works.

      Yes please, feel free to browse through my other articles and stay toned for new ones to come.

      Always love to share my knowledge and gain anew.


  5. Hi Sylvia
    What a lovely powerful post. I agree with you 100% there are energies out there.
    My mom always quotes this: “Where thought goes energy flows”. Not sure who originally said it, but I find it so true. When I dwell on the negative that is what comes into my life, when I focus on the positive then things go well and I am I am in a good mindset.
    I also like to hang around people that are positive. I find if I am around negative people it is like the life is sucked out of me. I need to be very careful with this.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Lynne,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. I too agree with you 100% being with negative people really does suck the life force out of you.

      Meditation or being in Nature like having a walk or doing some gardening, are very powerful to raise one’s personal energy and also cleansing it.

      All the best to you 🙂


  6. Hi Sylvia

    I’m glad I came across your website, since my main goal with my website is the restoration of everyone interested in his original potential and calling.

    My background is academic, besides theology (with a PhD) I delved into many health related topics like quantum physics. So I can relate to what you’re dealing with and where you’re coming from. My knowledge is backed up und purged by many deep experiences.

    Let me mention two things for you to consider and procede in your journey:

    1) I fully support Little Prince’s wisdom, that it is only with the heart that one can see rightly. On my site
    “Heart Based Power” you can read more why I think so.

    2) As to the work with the spiritual powers, let me say the following: I’m convinced it is crucial not to continue the same power play we experience in the 3D realm. Instead, I remind the concerned person of his or her origin, where he still was a free child of the Living Source. From there, the healing process can start.

    I wish you God’s Speed!

    1. Hi Stefan,
      Thank you so very much for your comment and sharing your insight. I am so pleased that there are so many people out there think and feel like I do.
      I always appreciate someone’s opinion and suggestion.
      Thank you

  7. It is true that energy, those vibrations of who knows what, is the all that is of universe. Universe however is a creation, so the Creator, the ultimate All That Is, is beyond the energy we perceive and is of a substance beyond understanding.

    There are some who have had personal relationships with energy beings of a sort not visible to most of us. You may be interested in the writings of Andrea Perron who is one such person.

    For a rigorously scientific approach to researching what lies beyond you may be interested in the writings of Dr Gary Schwartz and the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH) at the University of Arizona.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your literature suggestion. I wrote the titles down and certainly will take a look at it.

      Thanks again


  8. Dear Sylvia,
    Your site is quite intriguing. Given the subject matter, the font you use is very appropriate. You have a diagram with a human figure on it, and various quotes, but could you make your diagrams, especially with writing, bigger, so they are easier to read?

    A famous book, The Tao of Physics shows how modern science and the intuitive experience you express have convergence.

    But I digress a bit. I like your content. I would only suggest a re-read of the writing. You wrote:
    Since physicists, everything is measurable….
    I sort of understand what you are saying but the sentence is not so clear to me grammatically. If you were ti say it out loud, would you say it differently?

    Then there is “Many of his friends….weren’t on his site” Did you mean ‘side’? And maybe you could say that he stood by his findings rather than ‘its’ findings. In other words, he took responsibility for the the results of his research. Theories express findings, or results of humans’ study and research.

    These are small issues. You present the idea of energy as a lead in to Reiki. And you also intellectually ‘massage’ the reader to open the mind and be more flexible with his or her beliefs. Also a good approach. So, in conclusion, your ideas are well presented, the overall appearance resonates with your message. If you make the diagrams with their words larger, that would help, and perhaps consider a second or third read-through, to be sure you’re using the words you intend.

    Very nice job!


    1. Hi Eric,

      Thank you for your comment and feedback in one. 🙂 yes, I certainly will go through it again and make a few changes. It always helps when people are honest and really try to help.

      thanks again


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