Bookshops, Internet, Healing Modalities & You

There are so many Healing Modalities out there that sometimes people can get confused about what to use when it comes to an alternative healing approach.

I certainly do understand the confusion and speaking from my own experiences, I, too, had some issues in the past when trying to find an alternative healing method that I didn’t know anything about, nor where to look for it and to receive information.

A quick look back of the old days and how you have found your way around to find something new


Back then, when I started to research and to try out an alternative approach to heal myself, there was no internet, and therefore I, like most people did the same, went to an “Esoteric Book Shop” to find some literature on the chosen healing method, or to find even a person you could have a chat.

These Bookshops, at the time, had everything you needed for whatever you were looking. The topics reached from alternative healing, astrology, ancient healing methods, mystic and spiritual topics to the occult.


esoteric bookshop
The Esoteric Bookshop


Whatever one had an interest in you might have found it there. Besides books and other media forms available you also did find products like crystals and gemstones, oracle cards, pendulums, herbs and teas, candles, scents and, again, much more.

The owner of such a shop was also very knowledgeable and if you had a question they certainly did help you to get whatever you wanted; customer service was rated high in these days.

What I personally did appreciate was a sort of sense of familiarity. People, who were entering such a shop, had, for sure, a special interest in something which was out of the ordinary to mainstream interests, if you can say it that way. At least, you didn’t feel judged or being looked at it like you have arrived from another universe.


being in your own universe
Your own Universe of Books

I remember once when I was in a hurry and chose to go to a mainstream bookstore, which I knew had a section about astrology, to buy a book I wanted to read for quite some time.

I found the book and when I went to the checkout the man behind me said to the person who was with him: “It’s a shame that they have and sell such idiotic crap” and was pointing out toward my book. The lady behind the register didn’t know what to say and gave me a shy and an excusing smile.


astrology for the soul book


Back then, I was very quick and witty to respond and turned around to say to the man: “You must either know about this topic and had an awful experience with it or, and this is what I think, pointing out toward his book, which was about something like how to create statistics, you are a fearful person who only can believe what is written black on white and if it isn’t you make it happen, right?” Paid and left the store, leaving a guy behind with an open mouth.

Today, I would just look at this person and smile or say something like “if you say so”. It isn’t worth to fight over interests or opinions on a matter because it never really changes a person’s made up mind that quickly.

However, going back about Healing Modalities, you can see how important these esoteric shops once were and that you didn’t need to defend yourself for whatever you were buying.

The big Value of the Bulletin Board

Another plus point these shops had was their bulletin boards, where you could find events on any topic you personally found interesting. You also did find practitioners of different healing modalities or even the address and phone number of a Naturopathic doctor or Homeopath.

I personally have found and come in contact with two amazing practitioners who gave me the experience of two of my subject interests, Reiki and Astrology.


the bulletin board
The Local Bulletin Board


One practitioner was a Reiki Master and it was with her where I had my first Reiki session. The other one was also a female where I received my first Astrology chart reading. In both cases, I was blown away with the experience and I knew in my heart that this is exactly what I like to know about more and even learn it for myself.


Reiki Hands Position


Becoming a Reiki practitioner, also a teacher, and learning Astrology and giving readings myself would have probably not have happened if I haven’t met these two practitioners. But most of all, if I wouldn’t have gone to this esoteric bookstore and to read its bulletin board, to hear from them in the first place, I might still lack the personal experience.


Natal Chart Diagram


Of course, this is all hypothetical, and we can’t know how things might have turned out, but it is okay to theorize about it and in my case (luckily) I do blame the bulletin board.

A big Hurrah to the Internet

Today, we have the internet where we can find everything and anything in seconds. We punch in our data like location, city, province or state and of course the keywords, for what we are looking for and viola there is the result of our query.


the internet
The Internet Connection


I do admit though, I have been doing it myself since where I live there are no other possibilities to find what I am looking for until it is in word of mouth style.

It is fantastic to find, whatever you need, through the internet, however, I really do miss the “old” days when you could socialize one on one with other like-minded people and even form new relationships.

Nevertheless, this was the pre-digital time, where you had an opportunity to get more information about something you had an interest.

With my following articles, I will introduce you to some wonderful healing modalities and will explain a bit of their history, how they were created or even came into the awareness of the Western world.


healing modalities


Each article is information on each of the four healing methods, you might find helpful, and perhaps have thought about it, if one of the Healing modalities might be the one you like to explore.

Most of the healing modalities, if not all of them, are wonderful tools to help your body, mind & soul to heal from any ailments and trauma a person can experience in their lifetime.

However, one important advice I have to give and every well-trained practitioner will tell it to their clients without hesitation, that every Healing Modality is a complementary method to support any medical treatment there is, but it isn’t a substitute for the same.


In other words, if you are already under a doctor’s care, you certainly can use a healing modality to support your overall healing process and recovery, but never substitute a medical treatment alone with a healing modality.

That being said, please feel free to stop by my site and discover some new, perhaps never heard of-of these lovely healing methods. I, for myself, either use them in my healing practice or had an experience with it.


Four Healing Methods to be Discovered

* These healing modalities can also be used through a distance session

Here are some of the different healing methods you can find out more:

Reiki *

Body Talk *


The Emotion Code *


Thank you for going down with me the memory lane when it comes to the good old bookstore before Amazon and co. I am certainly been not opposed to our new digital day and age and what it has to offer, especially, how easy it is to buy online whatever you need or want, no matter what the weather conditions and where you live.

However, there is also much to be said about a personal experience when going to shop. You can touch and smell the goods or the product you are interested in, you can ask the clerk for more information and you can find new people with you like to bond.

The internet won’t give you always this exclusive experience. Like everything in our lives, there is always a pro and a con and I get that. There is also “having” a certain preference and this is okay too.

The links, which I have provided for you to read more about the different healing modalities, are a new and conscious way, to take full responsibility when it comes to healing yourself and feeling better.

I hope and do wish that one of these healing methods have found its way to trigger your interest to try it out for yourself. You won’t lose you can only gain.


Please, feel free to leave a comment below and share your experience and thoughts, I certainly will appreciate it.

Wishing you always a blessed day



Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

32 thoughts on “Bookshops, Internet, Healing Modalities & You”

  1. Hi, Sylvia, I do so enjoy reading your work. I have learned so much from your series on the seven chakras. Know to walk with you down memory lane. And thanks so much for inviting me when you have another post written.

    Energy healing is so fascinating, I two have practiced and still practice EFT. a very effective way to let go of trapped emotions. I find it fascinating how these emotions just seem to surface or even what they call chasing the pain how they will move from one place to another and once you let go how they surface.

    Life is funny how everything changes, I remember my mother’s pains and ridiculing because she was a very gifted person. In her day it was not very common and most people were scared of the unknown and most of the ridiculing was because of that.

    But her six children all have inherited her gifts in one way or another. As children, we called ourselves the six white horses it was a standing joke. We never found it odd we always enjoyed her fantastic stories. if ever we could get together I could imagine us talking for hours at a time none stop.

    Have a great week sending loving regards Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda for sharing your time leaving a comment and also sharing your experience.
      Yes, it is wonderful growing up having, at least, one parent who does know more beyond the physical existence and I know for myself being that way isn’t always an easy task.

      People who don’t understand or just like to ridicule, can be hard on people who just can’t see, hear or feel beyond normal expectation of the same. I am glad that you and all of your siblings do have the gift your Mother had, at least there, you can talk to each other without having to fear not being understood or being ridiculed. This alone is a blessing.

      Yes, EFT is a wonderful method and I am too using it quite regularly. It really has helped me in the past to change a certain behavior on my part which also has changed the behavior of people in my personal environment as well. It can’t get any clearer to understand how everything is connected even though we can’t always fully comprehend how this can be.

      Anyway, the results will speak for themselves.

      Wishing you always a wonderful day 🙂

      Namaste, Sylvia

      1. Hi again Sylvia, I just wanted to elaborate on having my siblings too talk to. I really hadn’t thought of it that way but yes it was and is a blessing to be able to talk openly to each other but down the road, there was husbands and wives that come into play, we tried to include them in conversations but it didn’t work so well.

        Because they had their own upbringing and thought us a bit outlandish and the conversation would go over there heads and at times felt left out.

        So we lost a lot of that personal contact and sadly we also lost a lot of Moms stories. I try to talk to my nieces and nephews about Mom and I have had to stop because they just don’t know what I am talking about.

        It is so sad to see this blessing go out the window and stop at one generation. As children, and young adults we were very tight-knit and we would talk for hours just amongst ourselves. Sometimes until the wee hours of the morning. I miss that so much.

        We have gone our own ways and the world came between us. The six white horses have been tarnish by the interventions of the world. Sad but true. I think I am the only one know that holds true to those blessing. I am totally grateful and blessed for that. Maybe someday they will remember but I somehow feel that will not happen. They have gone the ways of the world. For me, there is always a better way Linda

        1. Thanks, Linda for your openness and sharing a true part from your own life, your upbringing.
          Yes, it is so sad that so much knowledge and wisdom from our own parents will get lost when it doesn’t get preserved.
          You are truly blessed having your siblings you can share and talk to and yes, it is sometimes a bit sad that spouses etc. can be a bit of a downer and can interfere in those strong family bonds.
          I strongly believe you are the torch carrier to preserve the knowledge of your heritage and the knowledge coming from your Mother and I know, by doing so you, all of your family will be blessed too.

          Thank you, my friend for deep insight I always do appreciate it so much.

          Lots of Higs 🙂

  2. Good afternoon Sylvia,

    Aint it fantastic that there are so many healing methods in the world? For sure there is something which will help each and every human but one has to know about it. Thanks to your post some lesser know methods are brought to the attention of your reader. The only thing which is required is having an open mind.
    I remember those esoteric bookshops very well. My Mother used to take me there while I was still small. She would explain a lot about the things you could find there and I think that is what formed me in my young years.
    Before I started with a computer in 2013 I would read a lot a habit I had acquired from the moment I could read myself. Luckily my parents were open-minded about these things and gave me the freedom to explore.
    I can imagine you gave that man a sharp answer but there you see with time one mellows which is good as why should we get our blood pressure up?
    It is true the internet is a treasure trove but sometimes it also resembles a jungle where you need good skills to not get eaten.
    I had not heard about Body Talk or The Emotion Code yet. Interesting to read about it. I always prefer any natural healing method over chemicals pills, those I try to avoid.

    Thank you for this interesting post, I enjoy reading them.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thanks, Taetske, for taking the time to leave a comment and for sharing your experience.
      You are so blessed, that you had parents who were open=minded to spiritual things and beyond besides what we know on the physical realm.

      My parents were not the same but in my case they too tried to keep up an open mind even though it didn’t always match their own convictions on things. This, however, also helped me to see, hear and feel more clearly than most people will do.

      This gift is not always easy to have, see my experience in the bookstore, but, it is the past and yes, over time we do get more mellow on certain things knowing that there is way more out there to be really concerned about.

      Always have a wonderful day 🙂
      Namaste, Sylvia

  3. Omg I cannot believe that you experienced such a discrimination! I guess back then we were not as PC as we are today but that was uncalled for. You have every right to buy what you want, good for you that you said what was on your mind! I remembered I came across a few esoteric shops in New Hopes, PA and I had a great time. I got a ring with a love stone and I just love the energy of the shop. 

    I have never really give much thoughts about Reiki healing but I am sure it is another way to heal your soul when you are going through a rough time. I also agree that there is nothing like a physical store, the experience is just never the same. Sure internet gives us all the information that we want for a reasonable price but experience is everything to me. It is like getting a present with no gift wrap.

    Cannot wait to read more about your healing modalities, thank you for sharing your memory. 

    1. Thanks, Nuttanee for your lovely comment on the matter.

      Yeah, back then, I was a witty, quick to react hot head, 🙂 However, I am much more relaxed when it comes to interactions like the one I described in my article, but I do appreciate your support very much.

      Yes, I do miss these kinds of shops where you would find what you where looking for and had also some great interactions with other like-minded people. The internet certainly has its use but it is also, let’s face it, a cold impersonal space.

      About Reiki, I only can say that it is worth while for everyone to know and everyone really can learn it, even children. It can help us to not only heal physical ailments but also can help us to find balance again in our mental and emotional state.


  4. I do believe in esoteric things. A long time ago, my mother bought a book about it, in the book you could find all types of healing methods. However, at that point, I thought it was useless. But my mother learned a lot about, when I get flu a couple of years ago, she used Reiki to make me feel better.

    She learned a lot of things back then, she was helping us to be surrounded with good energies. Also, she helps us to improve our lifestyle and to make things better. 

    At this point, she is no longer reading those books or practicing Reiki as we got a bad time, and she had to find a job.

    I’m feeling great right now. My mother makes our lives better with all the things she learned before. I thought all about Reiki can only be found in a book. However, you have shared a useful book based on your experience. I think this will help me to understand better how to bring Reiki back to my life and help my mother a little bit as she did before.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Hi, Andres, thank you for leaving a comment and sharing your experience with Reiki.

      Your Mother is certainly a very loving and caring person helping her loved one with what she learned and obviously also believed in.

      However, it isn’t that uncommon that one is losing its path or focus on a matter because “life is getting in the way”, I been there too and it was, due to a difficult time, back then, that I lingered around a bit in the not so uplifting energy. After some time I did find my way back and got even stronger in my spiritual pursuit and using Reiki.

      I am convinced that your Mother too will find her way back and wil lwork again with this wonderful Reiki energy.

      All the best and Namaste 🙂

  5. This is an amazing content about spirituality which my husband and I try to settle. Both of us are into spiritual balance, hence, we need to find something we could do together. At least, it encourages intimacy and spirituality in a healthy way. 

    So, reading your post reminds me of what I should and I should remind myself as his wife. My husband tends to be drowned with emotions, especially when he’s stressed out. As for me, I had quite a background in spirituality (as I was a student preacher back then), so I got to know how to handle stress better than him. 

    Kudos to the well-written content. Keep it up. Thank you for the content. Seriously. I mean it.

    1. Thank you, Mecyll, for your comment, appreciated.

      Yes, I do too, have a bit of a different dynamic in my relationship when it comes to talk about spirituality and more. My spouse isn’t in it at all but likes to listen to me when I talk about.

      At least, that is the fact, we do tolerate each other and not try to convince the other person to take on one’s convictions.

      Everything works itself out in time.

  6. I have some interest in the Reiki method.  A friend was talking about this recently, I believe.  She mentioned it was a positive energy that you can put into someone.  Is that correct?  She was actually talking about it for my dog at the time, since he has many issues due to old age.  But one of his biggest struggles is with his breathing, especially if he gets excited.  She was watching my dog for a day, and I believe that she was using this positive energy on him.  

    Am I thinking about the same thing?  

    Is there special training to learn how to do this?  Is it hard to learn?  I will do almost anything to help my dog have a better life.  If you could provide me with information on how I can learn the Reiki method, I would appreciate it.  Also any information you can provide in regards to what you feel it can all help with would be great.

    1. Thanks you very much for leaving a comment and your questions.

      Yes, your friend probably was using Reiki and it can be beneficial not just for people but also for animals. Animals really do love Reiki and when they have enough for a session, so to speak, they will get up and walk away.

      I could observe this many times with my own cats.

      To learn about Reiki I can only say this, look up a Reiki practitioner in the directory where you live or go online and find a Reiki practitioner near you.. Always make sure the Reiki practitioner, if you want to learn Reiki, is a Reiki teacher who is qualified to teach Reiki. You only will need Reiki level one to start with to use it for yourself and others, including your dog.

      I have to caution you though not to learn Reiki via an online course. To learn it in a proper way, which is the one-on-one setting, is essential.

      I wish you all the best and feel free to ask more questions, I will answer them if I can 🙂

      Namaste, Sylvia

  7. There is definitely something still be said about having a real, tangible, hard copy in hand with which to escape the noise of daily life. Same with the experience of physically being in these types of shops, although I’m not a fan of heavy incense or tarot cards… Most people who founded these old shops have likely have gone out of business due to the internet and ease of access to information. The more progressive ones have smartly gone online and started Amazon shops. The population of people who would attend these shops largely is aging… the younger enthusiasts are vlogging and using instagram. I believe this sort of atmosphere is slowly being lost… which would be unfortunate. Local bookshop owners simply can’t compete with what’s out there, unless they work online. Keep blogging!

    1. Hi, Elaine,

      Thank you for your comment on the matter and I can agree on with every word you are saying.

      Yes, it is true that these kind of bookshops and store do disappear lowly, but I am also very confident that there will be some sort of a revival. I read about the fact that some established online stores will have an offline store, including Amazon, because people still like to touch, smell and try out the products before buying them. 

      We humans are a funny breed, aren’t we? 🙂

  8. When it comes to natural healing, i prefer to use my own mix of essential oils or aromatherapy. My all time favorite mixture is frankincense, lavender, peppermint, and lemon. It’s best used for our allergy, headache and stress. I’m also making balms and salves for itch, soreness, or to just simply moisturize the skin.

    It’ s my first time to hear  about esoteric shops but I have an idea what it sells. I find it fascinating. I believe in natural healing. It has been a practice in the family but we also know not to hesitate if we need to go the doctor. To each his own. 

    Unfortunately, I was not given an opportunity to learn in depth knowledge about astrology. Nobody here can teach me that. Honestly, I would prefer to learn it from a real class or one on one tutorial. It’s not that I don’t trust the internet but because I want to see how everything I’m learning is done right before my eyes.  Anyway, I am curious about Reki. I think If I will get a course, i’d probably choose that. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thank you for your comment, appreciated.

      Yes, I do love essential oil blends and they can help to ease conditions, in my case it was tension headaches.

      I also use them during meditation or when taking a bath a few drops of Lavender is always the best prelude to a good night sleep.

      Yes, I do miss the old bookstores for special interest in metaphysics, supernatural and all kinds of healing arts.

      Learning Astrology needs to be done with someone who is very knowledgeable and has a good reputation, check out online “Debra Silverman”, I can recommend her teaching.

  9. This topic is very interesting. I like how you mentioned how it was back then. if you wanted to learn something about a topic, you had to drive to a library and search through book after book until you find what you are looking for. That process would take days sometimes. Now days you can pull a little device out of your pocket called a smart phone, type what you are wondering in google and get your answer in about a minute. That’s amazing to realize!

    1. Thanks, Ruth for commenting on my post.

      Yes, today there is everything (almost) available by the push of a button. However, and this is the point I was making, that back then, it was also a personal experience to interact with others by going out of the house to get what you needed etc.

      This interaction, in my opinion, has become very limited since you can do almost everything from where you live without leaving.

      It has its merit but I still do prefer, sometimes, to do it the old way.

      Well, that’s just me.

  10. I recently read one of your articles on reiki healing and thought it was quite interesting!
    I’m not yet a believer of healing powers etc but since reading some of your stuff in starting to get there. I look forward to reading more from you so ill jeep popping in from time to time, thanks

    1. Thanks, for leaving a comment and I do appreciate it because you are very open to admit that this form of healing isn’t something you are just ready for.
      However, to me, it shows that you have some deep interest otherwise you wouldn’t have come to my site and leave a comment.:)
      Please stop by as often you would like and feel free to ask me questions. I am happy to answer them if I can.

  11. Hello Sylvia,
    Very refreshing article about healing modalities. I am so into holistic healing and the advantages to be gained by allowing your body to heal itself. Thanks so much for the reminder. I will be browsing more around your site.

    1. Thanks, Michelle for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love and believe in natural holistic remedies and healing modalities, for me it is the right way to do and to heal.
      Feel free to browse through my site and if you have any questions just ask, I am glad to answer it if I can.

  12. I think it’s all about balance, Sylvia. People need to strike a balance between different methods to provide well-being. There are natural methods (such as eating healthy and using medicinal herbs), then there is conventional medicine and healing practices, then there is energy healing. I believe that the latter is either vastly unknown or vastly misunderstood. The eastern cultures have been using energy healing for centuries and have been receiving resounding results. It’s time Western civilization get with the program.

    1. Thanks, Kevon for your comment and insight to this post. I also do agree with you when you say it is about balance.
      I don’t see why eastern and western medicine can’t work together for the optimum health/recovery of a patient. After all, it is a person who needs the best there is to be or become well.

  13. i think that its pretty interesting about healing through modalities, even though ive never done it before, I felt like I need to learn more! Id like to try it one time! it reminds me about the time I learned about the stone healing, im guessing its similar?

    Thanks for the information!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Hi Matt,

      Everything is energy and so are stones. when you work with them it too can change someone’s life tremendously. I too work with crystals and gemstones, so I know bit about this part as well. 🙂


  14. Hey,

    All of this is so new to me. I’ve never heard of any of these healing methods before.
    I love hearing and reading about new alternatives to heal certain issues, traumas and phobias even.
    Especially when they’re natural it can be a very nice thing to find out alternative sources.

    Thanks for typing this out!

    1. Yes, there are certainly alternative sources to heal yourself out there.

      The beauty also to it, is the fact, that even though someone is already in a traditional treatment they still can add a holistic healing method.

      It would never interfere, but will be beneficial to increase the healing process and can also speed up recovery from accidents etc.

  15. Hi Sylvia. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about holistic energies and healing modalities, but your site seems very interesting and I’m loving the bright colours. It works for this kind of website.

    I know a little about Reiki and EFT, but not a lot. When I have more time I’ll have a really good look around your site. Nice work.

    1. Hi Darren,

      Everything takes its time. I do appreciate your honesty not knowing much about my niche. We all have to start somewhere, right? 🙂


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