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You can have certain Services from me performed by ordering them here from this page.

If you like to know more about each Service I provide just go to these articles. Enjoy the Read.

Some additional data from you may be required for each Service and you also can email me, leaving a question, if you need more information about the Services.

If you do so, please always put something in the subject line like “Reading” or “Reiki Distance Session” so your email doesn’t end in the “Spam Folder“.

Thank you 🙂

Payments are being made through “PayPal“!

You don’t have to be a member with it since you only purchase a Service from me by paying with your Credit Card the same way as you will purchase anything else online.

All my sessions will be done in audio form and send as an MP3 File through “WeTransfer“.

This will guarantee that the file when sending to your email address won’t get rejected by your email provider.

You just download it from “WeTransfer” onto your computer or Cloud Device.

“Skype Audio Call” can be available too.

***Also be advised, that all of your personal data you do provide will be handled only by me and with the highest discretion. All your information is confidential.***

Thank you for your Trust in choosing my Services. 🙂

Wishing you always an outstanding day!

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Angel Oracle Card Reading

 Send me your specific questions for the Reading as well your questions if you need to know more additional information to this email:

Angel Oracle Card Reading    $ 44


Reiki Distance Session

Choose from the drop down menu the time length you would like to have to perform Reiki on you, and also send me your Full Name, Date of Birth and your Location (where you currently live) through this email to me:


Reiki Distance Session