My Personal Story of “Always Finding a Better Way” in Self-Healing


Connecting with Linda taught me that there is always a better way no matter where you at right now in your life. Her personal story is just that, finding a better way of self-healing. Something each one of us, always can do, is to heal ourselves.

My name is Linda Frankson born and raised in Canada, I was the second oldest of 6 siblings of Canadian descent.

My learning curve in alternative holistic venture started way back in the early 1980s. At the time I was living in Costa Rica Central America.   I met a Latin American of Costa Rica and moved to San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1973 we were married.

My daughter was born in 1980.  She was brought into the world through many hours of labor, then finally she had to be delivered through cesarian birth and because of this, she had suffered from oxygen deficiency that imparted her for the rest of her Life.


My youngest sibling came to Costa Rica in 1975 to finish there his education.  In the early 1980’s he met a very prominent Acupuncturist and became very interested in the art of Acupuncture.

This professional took him under his wing and he became his prodigy. Throughout his learning period, I became very involved in helping him and also learning about this method.

I learned the art of acupuncture and became, as well, very interested in acupressure, which uses the same meridian points but instead of the use of needles, you use the pressure of your fingers. These were skills that I have learned but, back then, I never have put them into practice. We had many conversations on the art of healing and how the body had its own capacity to heal itself.

Acupuncture Needles







I was a beautician by trade and had my own salon and my daughter to bring up including her learning disability. This kept me very occupied by learning to cope with bringing up my daughter so that she would be able to have a proactive life.

Not knowing then that all that I had been given would become a way of life at a future date.

I use the word given because I never had a formal education other than my degree as a beautician, only my ability to understand that there is a greater power than our own.

I divorced my, then husband of 25 years of marriage, and was remarried for a very short time, because I became a widow and moved back to Canada in 2001.


When I returned back to Canada I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), with the use of tapping on the same meridians as in Acupuncture.

Then, later on in life, I found Kinesiology, commonly known as muscle testing. Through understanding the body and the marvelous wonders of how the body has the capacity of healing itself, which goes far beyond that of Western Medicine.

How does all this relate to my family story?

My daughter was left in Costa Rica with her father so as I could get myself situated. That didn’t last long because she was abused and became pregnant.

My grandson was born in Canada in 2003, a very healthy, active baby and I have become a mother again. Those were the happiest days of my life until a fatal accident happened, just a few days before he turned four years old.

He took a blow to the head, causing internal bleeding just above his right temple that could have been fatal. But, because of the rapid action of the Paramedics and the Doctors to stabilize him and finding a Neurosurgeon that was on call in a nearby hospital, his life was saved.


However, that wasn’t the end, we had to wait and see if there were going to be percussions from the trauma to his head and there was, causing a learning disability. He was put through many tests for a diagnosis but nothing was conclusive. The medical world couldn’t give me answers because they didn’t know themselves how much damage was done, only time would tell.

The same as with my daughter, only time would tell. From kindergarten to grade 5 he was in an oblivious world and gaining a terrific amount of weight, and by the time he reaches grade five he was wearing a size 38 man’s pants. This is where my story begins. “Finding a better way“.

There are many trails and tribulations to this story. And I have documented them on my site Always A Better Way (As Mother Nature Intended).

Always A Better Way

Through all this, my own health deteriorated. The only way I can think of sharing my story is by inviting you to visit my site. There is an incredible event that took place that turned all my work around and it takes me back to the beginning of 1980 with learning the art of Acupuncture and Acupressure and how it all tied into EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Applied Kinesiology (Muscle testing).

All the work that has gone into my research has not been in vain, it has taught me a lot and gave me a road to follow and sharing our Story in hopes that it will inspire others that there is a better way that our body has the incredible power to heal itself.

This is our story

My Daughter and Grandson




About the Author

linda frankson
Linda Frankson

Linda Frankson is a seeker of the truth, to practice self-healing and to find “always a better way” to not only better her own life and this of her loved ones. No, Linda wants other people to be able to do the same and that’s why she has created her website alwaysabetterways

Please, stop by and connect with Linda


Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

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  1. Dearest, Sylvia,

    I would like to take this opportunity in words of gratitude for posting my story on your site in helping others we are helping ourselves live a better life.
    There is always a better way to whatever we do, seek and you shall find, ask and it will be revealed to you. I live by this and it has been my guidelines for finding a better way.

    always a better way
    sending blessings your way

    1. Dear Linda,
      You are very welcome and it is my pleasure to host your personal story and your better ways on self-healing.
      Thank you for sharing it with the world.


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