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A Short Version of the Complete Guide of the 7 Chakras

In this short version of the complete guide of the 7 chakras, I like to show, who is interested, what ...
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Archangel Gabriel “My Strength is God”

The name of Archangel Gabriel means "God is the strength, or God is my strength". Gabriel is supposed to be ...
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How a “Reiki Shower” with Salt can Benefit you in many Ways

When I talk about “the salt” you already know what I mean, it is Epsom salt or even plain sea ...
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Mudras-Hand Yoga for Your Health-

Since I am very passionate about how I can increase and maintain my health, I came along, many years ago, a ...
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How to use Reiki on Children & Animals

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Using the Reiki Healing Energy on children and animals isn't new at all it is ...
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dr. mikao usui

Reiki, a Healing Modality you can Trust

Reiki, a word so many people do know and, still, so many times misunderstood but, also totally trusted. Reiki is ...
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ask an angel

Angel Oracle Card Reading is a Tool being used to give Clarity

Any "physical" tool which is being used, like any Oracle Card Deck, a Pendulum, Runes, Tarot Cards, to delve into ...
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What is the Science behind EFT tapping and how it works

The science of Emotional Freedom Technique or short EFT is new in its approach but, the science behind it is ...
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albert einstein on energy

Everything is Energy under the Sun and behind the Moon

Let me start with one of Albert Einstein's famous quote: And this is how it goes. Everything is made of ...
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How stagnant Energy in your Body System, once again, can flow Freely

Every one of us knows by now that our body system is made of more than what we know, meaning, ...
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Bookshops, Internet, Healing Modalities & You

There are so many Healing Modalities out there that sometimes people can get confused about what to use when it ...
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How to integrate the Process of Ho’oponopono with Reiki

To integrate the process of Ho'oponopono with Reiki is easier than you might think. But first, we have to understand ...
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The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Seven – The 7th Chakra-

We are now at the last chakra of the chakra system and will finish the circle with the 7th chakra ...
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The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Sixth – The 6th Chakra-

The 6th chakra is the second highest chakra of the whole chakra system, which we further will discuss in this article ...
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My Re-connection with Reiki, a Testimony of a Journey

As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I do know about the energy of Reiki and how it can change someone's ...
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The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Fifth – The 5th Chakra-

Now, we have arrived at the 5th chakra, but I do highly recommend that you, as well, do read about ...
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Body Talk, a Healing Modality who restores the Body’s communication with itself

We all do communicate for different purposes, but most of all to make ourselves be heard, and to get our point across ...
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The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Four – The 4th Chakra –

We now have arrived at the 4th chakra and will continue the discussion of the complete chakra guide to the ...
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How to use the Reiki Moving Meditation

If you are a Reiki Master and or a Reiki teacher you might to know about the Reiki Moving Meditation ...
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The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Three – The 3rd Chakra –

This 3rd Chakra, which is further known by the name “Solar Plexus”, is the focus of this article. If you ...
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biblical archangels

Archangels, heavenly Beings among Us

When we hear and talk about archangels, we talk about them, mostly known to us, through either the Bible, the Koran, ...
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The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Two – The 2nd Chakra –

The 2nd chakra, also known by the name of the “Sacral” chakra or, sometimes referred to as the “Sexual” chakra, ...
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Archangel Michael “The One who is like God”

The translation of the name Michael means something like, "the one, or he who is like God". Archangel Michael is ...
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Archangel Raphael “God’s Healer”

The name Raphael comes from a Hebrew word Rapha, meaning "doctor" or "healer" Archangel Raphael also is God's healer or ...
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The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part One – The 1st Chakra –

The First Chakra, also known as the Base or Root Chakra, is the ultimate foundation of our whole energy existence ...
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How to release trapped Emotions with the Emotion Code Method

Here is another amazing healing method which is called the "Emotion Code". This particular healing method deals with trapped emotions, ...
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Why Reiki should not be taught Long Distance

In this article first and foremost, I will explain while Reiki and also other "hands-on" healing modalities shouldn't be taught ...
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Subliminal Messages Powerful & Effective

Subliminal messages can be a powerful tool to change i.e. money concerns, personal issues, even health problems over time when being used ...
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Reiki is Not New Age

Reiki is not New Age nor any Old Age either. Reiki is and was always there, I might even bold ...
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Archangel Uriel “God’s Light”

Archangel Uriel's name means simply "God's Light", or " the Fire of God". The reason for it, so it's been ...
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Archangel Azrael “God’s Help”

The Archangel Azrael name means the one who helps God. What Azrael really does is to help people to cross ...
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