The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part One – The 1st Chakra –


The First Chakra, also known as the Base or Root Chakra, is the ultimate foundation of our whole energy existence.

Note: You can find out more about the 7 Chakras in this article, which is a shorter version, an overview, including all the seven chakras.

This complete chakra guide, of the whole seven chakras, will give you, hopefully, a better understanding in how each and every chakra does work, which part of the physical body is in close relation to it and much more.

Today, we will focus solely on the 1st Chakra.


What is the Chakra’s full name and where is it located on the Body?

Its Sanskrit name is Muladhara (pronounced: Moo-lud-huru) and the place you will find it is the part between the genitals and the anus. The color Red is associated with this chakra and it is the foundation of our whole existence and how we adapt to sudden changes and how we deal with life issues and challenges as a whole.

Do we feel safe all the time or, instead, do we have to fear? The first chakra is very critical to our survival in the world. It is closely connected to our “survival instinct” and to our “flight and fight modus” which is supported by the Amygdala.

You can read about the Amygdala here.

Location of the Amygdala

This chakra is closely related to our “earth” family and will receive its basic programming from it. Everything we do experience, starting as an infant, is recorded in this chakra and will become the earliest experience of our primal feelings.

NOTE: This is the reason why you might have certain opinions about different things, i.e. money is bad or red-haired people are all evil. Patterns or Beliefs can come from a time we, personally, back then, were not aware of it if this is really true but, when we get older we act upon like we have solid proof, even though we actually don’t.

As we go through our lives this chakra will keep us, at all time, on high alert even though, we are not consciously aware of it. It is the existence of our whole Being, including our needs for protection, housing, passion, sexuality (procreation) as well as food, clothing and of course, money.

Without money, especially in our day and age, we seem to non-exist, being or feeling worthless, which also can bring us some mental and emotional anguish and even physical challenges.

Specifics of the 1st Chakra

The location of this chakra is at the end of the spine between the genitals and the anus, its energy flow goes directly down into the ground (to the center of the Earth) and is, therefore, an important part to us to be grounded.

Location of the Chakras

It does support us, not just spiritually, but physically, keeping us stable on our two feet, connecting us with the ground we are standing on. Any disruption who might threaten our grounding can lead to massive instability, not just in a physical sense, but in the awareness that we become unstable to handle our daily tasks.

An instability in mental and or emotional situations can make it impossible to make the right decision when in need since the main phrase of this chakra is: “To be here and to have”.

If we lose our grounding and don’t react accordingly we will lose ourselves. We slowly but surely stop to exist. However, being aware of a situation which might threaten our “Roots” or the core of our “Base” is mostly enough to counteract and change the course of the event, any event.

The 1st Chakra and the Emotion Fear

This chakra and the emotion Fear is an item. You might don’t like it, but it’s the truth, Without Fear, we wouldn’t or couldn’t survive at all. Fear makes us cautious where we need to be. No one I know of would willingly cross a busy road when the traffic light signals red. We know that if we would cross the road we would get hurt even killed.

Although, we don’t actually think of fear at this point or, burst into a sweat because we are in fear. We just know what is the right response and act accordingly by waiting until the green light comes on and we can safely cross the road.

However, there is a more lingering fear inside of us and, again, to be a bit frank, each one of us has a certain lingering fear. This i.e. can show off as a fear of never getting the right partner (in love or in business), a fear of acquiring a chronic disease, perhaps cancer, a fear of never really make enough money or achieving our goals and dreams.

These are just a few examples, but I am sure of that if you go a bit deeper inside of yourself and how you think and feel, you will find the sore spot, this lingering fear.

In our day and age the lingering fear becomes even more threatening and, sadly, it is a huge part of our daily life. We are constantly “concerned”, just another word for this kind of fear, about money, about the economy, about paying bills and the mortgage. It just goes on and on.

The fear, of Today, which we experience as such, has nothing to do with the fear of our ancestors when they had to fight off wild beasts or to be conquered by another tribe.

The fear nowadays we, as the modern societies, have to encounter is more subtle in nature, so it seems. Nevertheless, it is almost more threatening to our existence as it was ever before.

What can we do to lower any lingering fear? As long as we do accept the fact that Fear isn’t just something we can’t avoid or dismiss, instead of actually acknowledging it as a part of our human existence.

We then have taken off quite a bit of this scary edge. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel or, experience fear anymore, but you will know how to deal with it and what measures you have to take to counterbalance.

The Strength of the 1st Chakra

The 1st chakra, as we know by now, is the foundation of ourselves and how we deal with daily life issues and so forth.

On the physical plane, this chakra is supporting our spinal column, our legs, and feet as well as the bones, teeth and the large intestines. If we experience any problem in these areas, we also might have a problem with this chakra.

What are the most Physical Problems?

First, the Adrenals are the glands which are being associated with this chakra. The location of these glands is above of each kidney.

The Location of the Adrenal Gland

When we are under stress, physically, emotionally or mentally, the adrenals produce the substance Adrenaline, which is giving us a boost to either run faster, scream louder or think faster to make a quick and a necessary decision.

When we go further with possible physical problems, we can find, in most cases, the physical issues are poor circulation, lower back pain, herniated disks, varicose veins, constipation or diarrhea, as well as headaches and skin/hair problems.


You need to understand and, this goes for every illness there is, that every medical condition doesn’t come overnight, this even goes for accidents. Before we experience any of it the cause of the issue may have its existence for quite some time, but we didn’t acknowledge the signs or we have ignored them altogether.

This avoidance of “seeing” the signs can go on for a long time like months, years even decades. However, sometimes we didn’t even know we had come that far because we have, somehow, changed the course just in time to avoid the “big” clash. Something called “intuition” has saved us and we did change the outcome.

The surrounding energies are more powerful as we like to believe. Prayers, meditation or just starting a new exercise program or eating healthier might be the key to the change.

Let’s see, how does it look like when the 1st chakra might be weak or even overactive.


What are the Signs of a Weak or of an Overactive 1st Chakra?

A weak 1st chakra might show up, like to be, suddenly, more fearful as usual, or the individual is getting fearful without any reason. It also can appear as feeling victimized, more anxious as before and not connected to one’s body.

NOTE: In my practice, I had experienced a few clients who had a weak 1st chakra saying to me that they felt for quite some time some sort of disconnection with their bodies. One client even went further and said that they felt like being in the wrong body, but not in a sense of being the wrong gender…”I just felt like being in someone else’s body”…

Further symptoms of a weak 1st chakra are being disorganized, or it just went from bad to worse.

Being overactive in this chakra also has its distinguish challenges.

Overeating and being obese is one of the signs. Fear of losing “goods” can escalate into hoarding, rigid boundaries and even developing an addiction to security, the entry door has more than one or two locks.

Due to overeating and being obese, the individual will feel sluggish, lazy and, at the same time full of greed. Wanting more of something, even though, the individual has already enough of almost everything is a common sign of an overactive 1st chakra.

NOTE: I had one client who had an overactive 1st chakra and came to me because he felt he could do more to earn more money because he read in an article that this chakra has anything to do with money, which is correct. However, he didn’t need the money at all he was a successful entrepreneur with millions of dollars to his name, which I didn’t know of at the time. Either he just couldn’t get enough of it (greed) or, he might have had the fear of never having enough (security).


An individual with an overactive 1st chakra also has an extreme fear of change, they are, like the character in the series The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, are creatures of habits and homeostasis.

As long as everything stays the same they can develop a (false) sense of security and be quite content with it.

What is the Emotional State of the 1st Chakra?

As we already have observed of having a weak or an overactive 1st chakra, the emotional state also will reflect these issues quite intensely.

As we know, so far, that overeating, mostly out of fear, is a sign of an overactive 1st chakra. However, it surely shows off as a sign of emotional instability. A further sign of this emotional instability is a lack of commitment, not only in personal relationships, but to projects and, let’s not forget, to the individual as a whole.

This lack of commitment towards the individual itself might be the result of some unfinished business with its parents or, has lived through an abusive or neglecting childhood.


This fact might be the reason for the constant need for safety and security in the world and, from the world as a whole. Everything that happens outside of the individual might be seen as a personal threat to the individual, being alone (Loner) might be the only solution to survive.

How to get to a Balanced State with the 1st Chakra?

An individual who experienced a balanced 1st chakra will experience overall good health, being comfortable with their own body, no matter what kind of body type, shape etc.

A balanced 1st chakra will keep the individual well grounded, having their two feet steady on the ground they are walking and standing on.

There is also a good sense of safety and security, stability, good vitality, and prosperity. The phrase of having the Midas touch can come from the fact of a balanced and healthy 1st chakra. No worries there.

Now, since we went through all the possibilities how the 1st chakra might function in each and one of us and, being honest to ourselves is a major key factor where we can find ourselves with this chakra.

There is no competition with each other because this is a personal journey each one of us is on.

Therefore, no matter where you will find yourself, the question remains, what can you do to enhance and better the functionality of this chakra? There are a few things you can do and be advised that you don’t have to do them all at once, sometimes just one of the tools is what you need.

But, then again, go with your intuition (gut feeling) and try out one more.


Colors are very potent and essential when it comes to making us feel better or even worse. Yes, sometimes the overuse of a certain color can have the ripple effect of a different kind.

Note: Try to concentrate on a project in a room where all four walls are painted in the color Red. I assume you won’t get anything done, at least not to your satisfaction. And, you also might have some, not so pleasant, thoughts too. 

The color Red symbolizes passion, the fire of life, warmth, it revitalizes and gives courage, but it also symbolizes anger, jealousy, and fear even hatred.

Who hasn’t seen “red”, at least, once in its life? The color red is giving us the foundation where we can build our lives on.

The frequency of the color Red is 400-484 THz (Terahertz). It has the longest length and has the lowest rate of vibration of the visible spectrum.

To use this color is essential and yet, it should be used with some precaution.

Note: If you have a weak chakra the color Red should be used by wearing any red-colored garment, even wearing red underwear, wearing a scarf, or sitting in a red painted room for 10 minutes. However, if you have an overactive 1st chakra you need to dial down the use of the color red. Stick with only one of the suggestions and, instead, use the complimentary color green as the main color. It too will balance the chakra to a healthier state.

Crystal & Gemstones

If you are not fond of the color red (although wearing red underwear won’t hurt) you can go with using the appropriate crystal or gemstone in relation to the 1st chakra.

Wear the crystal or the gemstone near at your bodies like in the pocket of your pants or jacket. As a piece of jewelry in form of a bracelet, necklace or earrings.

Here are the most common stones and, I just mention a few and encourage you to do your own research and find out more which stone you can use to harmonize the 1st chakra:

  • Red Jasper
  • Garnet
  • Bloodstone
  • Hematite
  • Ruby
  • Red Tiger’s Eye


If you like to meditate, go for it. There is never anything more revitalizing and relaxing than meditation. You can find lots of guided or, just with music enhanced, meditation of the 1st chakra on YouTube. Try it out and see what happens.

Here is my favorite and highly suitable for Beginners Chakra Meditation.


Although, I do love affirmations, as an only tool it isn’t sufficient enough without using, at least, one of the already above-mentioned suggestions.

To use affirmations you really need to stick with it and saying it, either out loud if possible or just in your head. Writing down three affirmations, which are most suitable for you, on a piece of paper and reading it whenever you can find the time, even at work.

Seeing yourself as being the phrase is very beneficial as well and will enhance, in time, its positive outcome.

The following affirmations are suggestions, but feel free to create your own. It won’t take long to get familiar with it.

  • I love my body and trust in its wisdom
  • I nurture my body each and every day
  • I take full responsibility for my life
  • I deserve the best life has to offer
  • I do honor myself my whole being
  • I have roots
  • I have stability

As you can see it is quite easy to create your own affirmations and by saying them as often as you can and seeing yourself being the phrase, you will give some new and fresh fuel to your subconscious mind where everything about you, even the things you are, yet, not aware of, being saved.

Feed your Body the right Food

Yes, you have read correctly, even the right food consumption can make the difference. I certainly won’t go deeper about which food is more appropriate or not. However, I do believe in a healthy and balanced diet, which also can be different to each and every person.

The following foods and herbs are in close relation with the 1st chakra and it is up to your discretion which food you might integrate into your daily diet or even have to reduce because you are eating too much of it.

Again, try it out if you are not sure and see how it feels to you and to your body.


  • Red Beets
  • Cherries
  • Radish
  • Red Cabbage
  • Red Peppers
  • Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Watermelon


  • Cayenne
  • Marshmallow
  • Meadowsweet
  • Mugwort
  • Valerian


Aromatherapy is one of my favorites and their usage is easy as well. You can sniff it, you can massage it, using one of the carrier oils like Aloe Vera, you can put a few drops in your foot bath or in your bath tube.

You can use a diffuser and have it running, either where you work (as far others are not bothered by the sense of it), or in your bedroom to calm down from your day and to promote a good night’s sleep.

The following essential oils are the most common of being used to balance the 1st chakra

  • Myrrh
  • Sandalwood
  • Black Spruce
  • Vanilla
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Cinnamon Leaf


The information I am providing about the chakra system and about each individual chakra is still “incomplete” because the chakra system is a subtle energy form and it is its own “entity”, meaning, it has its own will and its secrets which are being revealed in time.

This amazing energy form is a blessing and for us to understand a tiny bit of the whole complex is important and can be a lifesaver. We are not helpless because we are able to heal ourselves and, what can be better to do so by making sure that our chakras are functioning on an optimum level.

I hope you have received some information from this article and where you can go on to do your own investigation and research.

Please stay tuned for the 2nd Chakra soon to come. 🙂

If you have some questions or like to share your own experiences feel free to leave a comment below.

I wish you always an outstanding day.

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Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

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  1. I am stunt what you have provided about the Root Chakra and I know because I am working with the whole chakra system for many years and know their function.

    I am looking forward to read about the other chakras too.

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  2. This is an interesting read. I’ve never heard of Chakra before. From reading it, i think I have a well balanced 1st chakra lol. I would be interested learning more about the rest of it. I am always attracted to red colors, red accents, anything with red. Thank you for the great suggestions on how to obtain a balanced chakra.

    1. Thanks for your comment and I am glad that you find this article informative.

      To learn about the other chakras just stay tuned. 🙂

  3. Thanks Sylvia.  I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Based on your article it would seem that things are mostly okay with my 1st Chakra. But I know that things can always be improved and refined so I will try some of the things you suggested. Especially with diet, meditation, and essential oils. Scents have always been one of those things that seem to have a profound effect on me. I can detect a scent and instantly recall a very pleasant memory of a great moment in my life. Oddly, I don’t remember any negative moments or thoughts being associated with certain scents. Never really thought about that before now. 

    Anyway, thank you for sharing and as I said, I’ll be looking forward to the rest of the series. 

    1. Thank you David for your comment and your personal experience.

      Yes, sometimes it seems odd that we can or can’t associate a specific scent to a memory.

      However, it isn’t that odd after all since our ability of memorizing a smell (scent) is the oldest ability we have as a human. It means that we can recognize a certain smell from our time as an infant even though we do not know where it belongs to.

      Pretty amazing 🙂

  4. Hi Sylvia,

    I loved it and I learned a lot with reading the first chakra. 

    How nice we can feel when we have our energy very high. 

    We are capable of achieving everything we set out to do. 

    I love affirmations, feeling fear is not negative helps us to prevent accidents, diseases, bad times. 

    The first chakra is what gives us our stability, we need our two feet well supported on the ground.

    I would be very happy not to depend on money, I am fighting for it, I believe and I love myself very much.

    Thank you very much and I hope to read the other six chakras soon.

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    1. Hi Claudio and thank you for leaving your comment.

      The fight for money, as I have mentioned in the article, is a fact of our times we are living in.

      We have, unfortunately, giving in to be identified of who we are and what we are through money.

      It is one of the biggest stress factors in our time.

  5. I loved your post! I have taken several courses years ago to activate chakras and help people in the healing process. I moved 5 yrs ago, and now I only practice meditation and try my self to be well. When I go to meditation I feel like”hits” in chakras 5 and 1, why can it be? I am not very well, but I am 🙂

    1. Thank you Maria for your comment and sharing your experience with the chakras.

      What you have mentioned in your comment feeling “hits” in the 5th and 1st chakra is, what I call, the fact of realignment. The same sensation we can have with our physical body when having a massage or going to a Chiropractor getting realigned there.

      I had similar experiences with the Solar Plexus. 🙂

  6. Hi, though I am not used to chakras, I really like blending peach with green or light brown colours.  I also feel comfortable in my body as I sing and also meditate.  I pray and have to watch my words as they can come true.  I tend to prophesy my world into being.

    I started to forthtell  and decree things into being this year.  They happen.  So I make sure I use words to benefit people and myself rather than hurt.  I am amazed at what my thinking positive and mediation can achieve.  Sometimes even what I think and also dream while sleeping has come to pass.

    As a result I try to focus on good thoughts most of the time. No reading of newspapers or watching TV so as to keep pure.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Stella, thanks for leaving a comment and sharing your inside, appreciated. 🙂

      Keeping positive thoughts and watching your words carefully are so important.

  7. Hi Sylvia, I found your article to be very educational.   As someone that tries to keep a positive outlook on life and that tries to avoid drugs and medicines, I am always looking for ways to live a natural, happy well balanced life with meaningful purpose.   I am not going to pretend that I understand the chakra’s and how they all fit together.  I suppose if I did, I wouldn’t need to read your articles.  

    I like how you presented the 1st chakra.   I am planning to leave the page open on a tab on my computer today so that I can review it periodically throughout the day to internalize all the suggestions to strength my first chakra.  Or is maybe to “better balance” the fist chakra – what I am truly seeking?    From the aromatherapy aspect, I do love the smell of candles that contain vanilla and cinnamon oils.  So, I feel like the various suggestions you provided from colors, diet, aromatherapy and self affirmations are doable without having to spend a bunch of money.   

    Thank you.   

    1. Thanks for your comment and inside and yes, it is my aim to show people what they can do to help themselves without harsh drugs etc.

      I too love essential oils because they really do an amazing job. 🙂

  8. I really appreciated reading this article, especially the early parts about the root chakra being where we store a lot of our earliest, basic programming. My partner and I have recently been talking a lot about eliminating limiting beliefs in order to manifest our desires. Your article gave me the breakthrough thought that I need to invest time into a root chakra cleansing ritual, so thank you!

    1. Thanks for leaving your comment and sharing your thoughts.

      I hope that you will achieve your goals and changing your old beliefs.

      It is doable and overtime you will see results. 🙂

  9. Hey there, 

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakra” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. Firstly, before reading this article, I didn’t know how many chakras even existed. I’m planning to concentrate on this as its really important in maintaining inner peace. It helps a lot in your personal development and stuff like that. I’ve always had this question and I wish you could answer this. Is Chakras related to the hindu religion? 

    1. Thank you for your comment and question appreciated.

      I personally don’t see the chakras actually belonging to any religion. However, the knowledge about this energy system comes from the Ayurveda medicine which is a part of the Hinduism. 

      On the other hand you also will find thousands of years of knowledge and, usage of the function of the chakras in  Buddhism.

      In my research there is no distinguish connection to any religion.

      I hope this answers your question.


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