The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Seven – The 7th Chakra-

We are now at the last chakra of the chakra system and will finish the circle with the 7th chakra. When you have followed all my previous chakra articles you do know by now that it is important to gain the knowledge of the whole chakra system by reading about each chakra and its meaning and function.

I will provide the links to all the previous written chakras in the summary, but for now, you also can get a glimpse of the whole chakra system by reading this shorter version of the 7 chakras. 


What is the Chakra’s full name and where is it located on the Body?




The full name of the 7th chakra, also known as the “Crown Chakra”, is located at the top of the head (see picture below). The Sanskrit word is Sahasrara (pronounced Suhus-ru-ru) further known as the “thousand-petaled” lotus flower. This chakra supports the Pineal/Pituitary gland and in greater support of the central/governing meridian.


Location of the Chakras


Specifics of the 7th Chakra

This chakra is further known, mostly to spiritual groups, as the Chakra of Prayers. This chakra is considered to have the highest vibration of all the other chakras, which to me is not surprising since its location at the top of the head does symbolize its “higher” meaning and purpose.


It guides our personal “spiritual quest” helping the individual to find answers and purpose to one’s own life journey as well answers in a broader sense concerning the environment and social topics of the individual and much more. The Crown Chakra allows the individual to enter the higher states of consciousness.

The Crown Chakra is the connection to be “one” with God, the Divinity, the beauty of creation, creativity, faith, spirituality, and divine inspiration. This is the chakra where everything we know and don’t know yet comes together, giving us the “big” picture with all the information being merged from all the other chakras.




With an open 7th chakra there is a sense of peace, serenity, the higher knowing of things and the connection with the universe. The knowledge of one’s path and purpose is further a sign of an open Crown Chakra. A person with an open 7th chakra has the ability to communicate, receives information and has access to the knowledge of higher intelligence, further known as “channeling”.

When this chakra is in a balanced state the life of the individual is working in all areas and the feeling of total peace, calmness with oneself and the universe is a given.

The 7th Chakra and the Emotion of Attachment/Detachment

The most powerful attachment one can have is the fact that this chakra is the connection between our physical and our etheric body because this is also the place where we connect and communicate with the higher power. In most cases, the “higher power” is our own “higher-self”/”soul”. Sometimes it can be the universal energy, and sometimes it can be the energy of a spirit guide or of a guardian angel, depending on someone’s spiritual and religious beliefs.




However, it only says that there is a much higher power, much greater than we, as humans, are capable of to fully understand. Nevertheless, the concept still stands that we are also capable to tap into this higher power to receive clarity when there is confusion and to be guided in a divine sense when we let it happen. Through the Crown Chakra, we can connect with this level of higher knowledge and knowing.

The Crown Chakra’s main purpose is to derive meaning from thought and feelings. Furthermore, our beliefs are interpretations based through our experience which do shape our reality. Getting “detached” from our “real” world and finding a more stable attachment to the “spiritual” world is the function of this chakra. However, it is still one of the hardest tasks an individual has to go through, living in a world where the attachment to more and more material things gets greater by the day, the concept of trusting a “non-physical” intelligence/energy, on the other hand, is for so many people still inconceivable, even less believable.

The Strength of the 7th Chakra

The following phrase is from Anodea Judith: “Transcendence is the path of Liberation. Imminence is the path of manifestation. To embrace them both is to see the Divine within and without as an inseparable Unity.

Through transcendence, we are able to detach ourselves from the daily “should, would and could” of our reality as well the “needs” and “musts” of our material understanding of this reality. Transcendence is finding oneself in a place of bliss wherever we are on the physical plane.


When we do radiate this state of bliss in the outward world we will do so as an expression of immanence. Being in a constant state of bliss we are able to view everything in a holistic perspective and the meaning of “We are all One” has finally been realized, has become the new and true reality.


Chakra Exercise


We have become a unit with the Divine since all the boundaries have been dissolved. We finally have accepted that we are a part of the universal whole and the “I” has become the “WE”, we are true “ONE”.

What are the most Physical Problems?

The physical imbalance one might face when it comes to the 7th chakra are merely an issue in the purely physical sense like not eating right and therefore might experience some digestive problems where the Solar Plexus will become involved; or, one might have some issue with the Uro-genital tract where the 2nd chakra will be a part of the equation as well.




However, when it comes to issues or concerns regarding the 7th chakra we actually won’t tie it to this chakra since we, as always, are looking to the outside for the cause rather than looking into ourselves where the real cause can be found.

The following is showing the physical problems one might experience when this chakra is out of balance.

  • Dimming of Vision
  • Hallucinations
  • Imbalance of the Nervous System
  • Poor Short-Term Memory
  • Poor Co-Ordination
  • Tinnitus, the ringing of the ear(s)

What are the Signs of a Weak or of an Overactive 7th Chakra?

When there is a weakness of the Crown Chakra the individual may have one or two issues as followed. The most common “symptom” of a weak 7th chakra is Spiritual cynicism. I like to speak of common symptom because every person who is, more or less, on their spiritual path has to deal with another person who makes fun of their beliefs.

This kind of talking down is only a reaction of non-understanding, misconception or a strong indoctrinated religious beliefs where is no more room at all to accept anything else outside of one’s personal belief system. This is also the Fear of the Unknown.

Other possible issues might be to have a strong Fear of Death. The individual has no explainable reasons why they feel the way they feel. This fear of death is mostly connected to uncertainty and lack of purpose/life-purpose as well the constant feeling of being separated from abundance and to belong.

Other physical issues are the possible different learning difficulties like Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Dyslexia, ADHD, etc..

On the other side when the 7th chakra is overactive the following conditions are also a possibility to occur.

Being in a confused state most of the time is one of the signs you can experience in an individual where the 7th chakra is overactive. Furthermore, an individual also likes to over-intellectualize everything they come in contact with and do experience, everything becomes a reason and “must” have a cause which is 100% explainable from a “scientific” perspective.

Another observation for an overactive Crown Chakra is something I like to call as Spiritual Addiction. This is quite the opposite of someone’s indoctrinated religious beliefs and yet, they are actually quite the same.

Nothing else can or will be accepted which doesn’t match the individual’s belief or point of view on the matter. Both are locked up in their own made-up of the world which also can lead to disassociation from the body, giving the individual a faulty sense of not to belong in this world, in this existing reality.

How to get to a balanced State with the 7th Chakra?

To live with a balanced 7th chakra the world is certainly a much better place since the individual of such a healthy function chakra has more to offer than being open-minded. Being thoughtful, respectful and aware of their surroundings and of their own abilities is one of their big marks.

A high sense of spiritual connection, without denying the existence of different viewpoints on the matter, is another important point to be mentioned. Their intelligence as well their wisdom is giving them the ability to perceive and analyze without any judgment on their part. 

The knowing of everything is “ONE” is their true mastery and their gift to the world, which graves so much for peace, freedom from oppression and unconditional love.

To achieve this kind of mastery is possible for every human being, regardless of upbringing, status, financial or social, race, education, etc. It is the connection we have with our higher self/soul and with our lower self/ego, not favoring one over the other, instead, accepting the fact, that both selves do play a vital part in the reality we are living and therefore can’t be denied or singled out.

What is the Emotional State of the 7th Chakra?

To emphasize a bit more what just has been said in the previous section, the emotional state of the 7th chakra would be a state of real bliss. However, the word “bliss” has a bit of a funny sound or aftertaste since the association of this word, for most of us, will draw a bit of a different picture.


The word bliss means total happiness, joy, euphoria, heaven, paradise, etc. When we hear about it, we envision an individual who, probably, meditates or prays the whole day, walks around with an enigmatic smile on their face and seems quite out of it altogether.

Having these envisions or thoughts usually come from a depiction due to certain movies, interest groups and some misunderstanding and interpretation of certain scriptures, texts, etc. However, there is also no real right or wrong, what anyone else likes to see or put into it, in the end, it is the personal understanding, we have as a person, in how we like to see and understand the emotional state of bliss.

At least, being the opposite of an emotional imbalance, which was discussed in a previous section, is a good step to free ourselves from a prison created by cultural, social and other forms of upbringings robbing us from thinking independently and to be free of any sort of influence.

For now, we are still quite a bit away from this state of personal freedom, but we will, eventually, getting there, this, I personally, do strongly believe in.




In the meantime, what anyone else can do for themselves and subsequently will do for the whole good, is to follow the next few sections in what can be done to balance one’s Crown Chakra. Choose and Enjoy!


Everyone loves the colors to some degree or even has a favorite one. Therefore, wearing a specific color, which can help to balance the chakras, shouldn’t be a huge problem. If one of the chakra colors are not to your liking at all, or you feel, for some reason, too “ashamed” to wear a certain color you always can wear it as an undergarment or as sleepwear. No problem at all, just keep it up and wear the color and see what is happening to you and how you feel.

The color of the 7th chakra is a threefold color, meaning, each of these colors is related to this chakra, therefore, you have a good variety to choose your colored themed outfits.

The colors are Violet/Purple and White and the complementary color is Yellow. The frequency of the color Violet, the same goes for Purple, is 668-789 THz (TeraHertz).

Note:The color White, as well the color Black, are not actually a color on their own. The white light is a combination of having all the other colors and the Black color has the absence of all the other colors. Nevertheless, they are “visible” to us as a color.”

Crystal & Gemstones

Crystal and Gemstones are one of my favorite and this is because I love them and I can wear them as jewelry in the form of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. No one will or has to know why I am wearing a specific stone etc.

However, if you are a person who doesn’t like to wear any kind of jewelry this is no problem either, just wear one of the suggested stones (see below) in a pocket of your pants or jacket. It is important though that the stone is worn in your auric field, keeping it in your purse or overcoat isn’t helpful since you will be away from it.


Three Crystals in a Palm


The same goes when keeping a stone on your work desk, nightstand, etc. It will keep the general atmosphere balanced but it won’t balance your targeted chakra(s). The following list has some suggestion which crystal or gemstone you can use to balance the 7th chakra.

  • Amethyst
  • Clear Crystal
  • Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Selenite


Meditation, as I have pointed out throughout this chakra series, is one of the easiest and beneficial tools when it comes to balancing the chakras.

If you are still a beginner, you can start trying it out with this guided meditation. If you can do it once a day this would be perfect, however, if you can do it once or twice per week it would be fine as well. Just start and try to keep up a routine.

Enjoy this meditation!


We have spoken about affirmations a lot in every article of the previous chakras and if you have followed all my articles, you also will know by now, that affirmations, as wonderful and helpful they are, do need a firm commitment, meaning, you need to stick with it on a daily basis.

However, I can confirm that affirmations do work when you really keep going and you can see subtle changes already in 2 weeks time, but usually, you need to give it the time of a month or longer.

It certainly is worthwhile the wait since it also took a long time for the individual to develop a certain mindset, an attitude towards life and, or a certain situation, so to speak, which can’t be changed just overnight. We need to be patient with ourselves and in time, when we keep our commitment to ourselves, will see that our mindset has changed.




Here are a few affirmations which can get you started and in no time you will be able to create your own affirmation.

Note:I advise you that in the beginning, you don’t overdo it. Choose three affirmations from the list below which are speaking to you the strongest.”

Then, write them down on a piece of paper so you can have them with you at all time. Say them out loud, if possible, otherwise saying it silently is also fine.

Speak each affirmation 3x, at least 3x a day, if you can and perhaps you like doing it more there is actually no limitation. Keep the routine and your commitment.

  • I am one with my Higher Self
  • I do accept myself with Love and Gratitude
  • I do go beyond my limitations and express greater Love and Joy
  • I am guided and protected by the Divine
  • I am one with God the Creator
  • I trust the will of God
  • I trust and surrender to Love
  • I trust myself
  • I trust that everything is perfect in Life
  • I believe in the power of prayer
  • I take time to meditate on a daily basis
  • I express Gratitude each and every day for my Life

Feed your Body the right Food

We also need to know what we put into our mouth and stomach. In our day and age, we are bombarded by fast food because we are always on the go from one appointment to another and therefore have not much time left anymore to prepare our meals from scratch.




I do know for myself, that it is sometimes very hard to do the right thing, actually doing it 24/7. To maintain a healthy and a balanced diet isn’t sometimes easy at all, however, we have to try for our own sake and overall health. Here are some foods and herbs which are being seen as very beneficial to cleanse and open up the 7th chakra.

When you read the article about the 6th chakra you will discover that the foods are almost the same, meaning, when you eat them you will nourish both of the chakras.


  • Broccoli
  • Eggplant
  • Grapes
  • Ale
  • Plums


  • Echinacea
  • Ginko Biloba
  • Horehound
  • Oregon Grape
  • Wood Betony


As I have set in all the previous articles that using essential oils is one of the easiest tools to balance a chakra and there is no difference when it comes to the 7th chakra. It is important though that you are using high grade, organically grown and processed, essential oils.




Note:Please, be advised that some essential oils are not to be used as a topical agent, many responsible companies like doTerra or Young Living will let you know how to use their different oils the correct way. If you use other Brands of essential oils where you can’t find any specifics on how to use them, the safe way is always to use them in a diluted version with a diffuser or by using a carrier oil like Aloe Vera. Furthermore, make sure that you are personally not being allergic to essential oils or to a specific oil like a citrus fragrance. If you are feeling unsure if you are allergic, please go to your physician and get tested, or you can do the following, on your own discretion, by using only one drop of a certain essential oil putting it on the inside of your elbow and leave it there for 12-24 hours. If you can’t see any skin irritation or getting an itch, where you left the drop on your skin, there is a high possibility that you are not allergic to this essential oil. Always do your own due diligence. Thank you.

Using essential oils doesn’t need much of the product at all, only 2-3 drops at the time that’s all. Using a diffuser is also a safe and easy way and when you like to massage a certain part of your body like the shoulders or your feet, you always should use a good carrier oil like Aloe Vera; but using a cooking oil like an “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, can also be used. I did use it in the past when I didn’t have any other carrier oil to my disposal and it worked very well.

Now, here are my favorite aromas for balancing the Crown Chakra

  • Camphor
  • Frankincense
  • Gardenia
  • Hyssop
  • Jasmin
  • Lavender


Now we have completed the series of the 7th chakras and had a closer look of the functions of each individual chakra starting with the 1st chakra (Root Chakra), the 2nd
chakra (Sacral Chakra), the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus), the 4th chakra (Heart Chakra), the 5th chakra (Throat Chakra), the 6th chakra, (The Brow or Third Eye Chakra) and now the 7th chakra (Crown Chakra) which closes the circle.

When you have followed this series and have patiently waited for each article to appear you know by now how important each chakra is and how each of them does play a vital role in the whole chakra system.


You are Energy


These subtle energy forms are as important, or at least, do deserve some acknowledgment as the rest of our physical body system. When it comes to our health, which includes all the levels, like the emotional state, mental state, spiritual state and of course, our physical state, we do deserve the best, meaning, these different levels of state need to be included in any diagnosis.

Modern medicine, however, is still mainly concerned to focus on the “physical” symptoms as an only measure of any health situation rather consider the cause of a health issue, which might include the possible involvement of other levels of state a person can be in, as the possible “main” cause.

However,  there are already individuals of physicians, who do consider to pay more attention to other factors also playing a crucial role in a person’s overall health.

We are now in 2019 and it is just 10-12 years ago that doctors started to consider to ask the patient how their level of daily “stress” is and how they are able to counteract the situation(s) causing the stress.

The same time frame, perhaps even a bit shorter, goes for the acknowledgment of how important is “Mental Health” to be addressed in a proper done diagnosis. It is certainly a start but we are still far away from including these subtle energies, like the chakra system or the meridian system, to be included in the assessment of a person’s health check.

Nevertheless, I do believe that the time will come where it is as normal to talk about a chakra or a meridian as we talk about any of the body parts we have.

I personally do believe and hope that I can awaken an interest in these subtle energies and that the reader might pursue its own research to learn and discover even more. No one, myself included, will have all the answers but, I certainly like to do my part to share my knowledge and experience with the world in the hope of making this world a healthier and a more peaceful place to be and to live.

Here is another video from Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine where she shows how to balance the whole chakra system. It is easy to do and very effectful. Enjoy!


Thank you, for being a part of this journey and please feel free to ask questions, I am more than happy to answer them if I can. Furthermore, feel free to leave a comment below and share your own experience and thoughts.

Namaste and as always have a wonderful day

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Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

18 thoughts on “The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Seven – The 7th Chakra-”

  1. Aloha Sylvia!
    Reading your article was a wonderful journey! Great, detailed information on how to balance and keep the chakra system in balance. And also how to recognize that your Crown Chakra or other chakras are out of balance.

    I could relate to the information about colors, crystals, scents. I consciously use colors to support the diet. In our breakfast eggs, you will also find red potatoes, blue onion, red, orange or yellow bell pepper and greens like green onion, basil, and cilantro. Right now I’m using crystals only a little. However, I constantly wear a copper pendant with healing stones representing the seven chakras.

    I also remember experiences when my Crown Chakra was in poor shape due to overwork for long periods of time where physical symptoms like a poor sense of balance and ringing in the ears gave me constantly warnings for several weeks until I finally understood the signs and quit the position that seemed to be the dream one.

    I also remember using a bio-feedback gear that read the energy flow of the left hand. The first time I used the bio-feedback, my aura and chakra image was average – and I was doing OK so far. Good one year later when I was completely caught in that circle of overworking my entire image was brownish.
    Several months later, after I made some significant changes in my life, my friend Michael, who was operating the gear, said: “WOW, I would like to have such an image!” Our body whispers to us the messages about what wrong with our energy system, and if we are quiet enough to listen, and follow the suggestions, we can blossom and thrive!
    Thank you for sharing, Sylvia!
    Keep up with your great work!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. Thank you, Jenna, for your wonderful comment and sharing you own experience about our body can react due to stress, being overworked etc.

      I think, you are doing well with your copper pendant and the chakra stones. I also do wear a clear crystal pendant which also has all the 7 chakras stones in it. I do love it so much.

      I personally like your breakfast menu it does is colorful and it sounds very delicious. I think I will try it too. Thank you for sharing it.

      Your experience with the bio-feedback must have been an eye opener for you, seeing for yourself, what stress etc. really can do to your whole body system. I am glad that you have unplugged yourself from this treadmill called overwork/stress.

      Wishing all the best to you and your Health
      Namaste and Aloha

  2. Hi, Sylvia First I would like to thank you for all the information you have provided here on the Chakras, it has been a journey that I have most enjoyed.

    In my personal journey, I have come across so much and I love to put them in order as they come in because they all have a very special meaning for my understanding of healing. I understand your journey very well in being the spiritual growth and well being of the body.

    I have come to understand that the healing that takes place comes from not only the Spiritual side but encompasses Spiritual, mental and physical. I would ever place them in that order.

    You have outlined this very well in your writings each of these important facts. However, each and every one of us has there own road to tow and to find their own balance.

    We can agree to disagree in a few but that isn’t co-productive. However, your work here has brought me to a greater understanding of the work that I am doing.

    I had a brainstorm that took place while reading about the colours of the 7th chakra, that I would like to share with you. Dark purple, light purple, yellow, then lastly white, each of them can vary in intensity.

    There are many important aspects of the brain that science is now looking at. But the three most important are the Superconscious, the conscious and subconscious mind.

    To break this down, each one has there own colour. Superconscious is the dark Purple the conscious is the lighter purple. Yellow and white are in the subconscious mind being the highly spiritual side. You can actually see these colours when you are in meditation, your eyes closed you will see them interact with one another. Yellow and white are the light of the body that can communicate to the spirit world. Depending on the intensity of the light the whiter it gets the closer we are to the Spirit world.

    One could say that this is the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost ghost whatever name you want to give it. Personally, I will stay with Christ and the Holy Ghost where prayers are sent out from. This actually makes sense to me.

    This was an incredible revelation one that I am still trying to rap my head around. The superconscious is the most active and has no feeling attached to it. But knows and interacts with the conscious and subconscious mind continually, we could go as far as to say that it is the cortex of the mind itself that is protecting the conscious and subconscious mind.

    The one that has the capacity to heal the damage done to the brain continually makes and replacing damaged and or dead neurons. My interest in this has been around the damage done to myself my daughter and my grandson each one of us has different grades of damage done to the brain

    Myself and my grandson from a blow to the head all of us at a very early stage in life. My daughter from lack of oxygen at birth which is the most damaged. Even at that, I have been able to get her to the point where she is able to look after herself with daily routines.

    Your work here has been a great help to me and will continue to help others along there paths.

    God bless you and keep up the good work
    always a better way Linda

    1. Hi, Linda,

      Thank you so much for your detailed and quality comment which I certainly do appreciated very much.
      Linda, we all have (still) filters in how we perceive, understand and communicate our findings and understanding of any given subject. It is important that it has to make total sense to the individual who is going to the process which can be of spiritual, mental or emotional matter of a person’s journey or of the topic itself.

      There are so many variables one can’t or will ever go through, or even have the knowledge of at all. My personal practice in channeling higher information is already a long journey and I still haven’t shed all the filters I am having to make the world around me understandable to me. If I had followed the advise from the spiritual realm, in some cases I did and it was a blessing, I would have had received even more blessings, but my lower self/conscious mind still likes to be the “boss” and thinks it knows better “lol”

      Yes, we all have to go through our own journey and might do things in different ways and therefore will come in contact with an idea, a principle or even a new belief to either feel validated in our journey, or to get inspired to try out something new which can help us to “see”, “feel” and “perceive” things in a much better understanding.

      The Superconscious is nothing else than our Higher Self the one who is connected with the Divine energy which is God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna and so forth. The Conscious, the lower self, the ego, which makes sure that we receive what we want, most of the time in a manifested form like moving to a new house, getting a new car attending a new job etc. Then, there is the subconscious which is the infinite data base of everything there was, is and will (not might) be.

      I.E., to release the old data, which has proven to be not helpful anymore in our personal journey and needs to be released, therefore we need to practice gratitude for what is “now” and what has “been”. This is the place where the subconscious finally understands and “deletes” the old data for good. Furthermore, the subconscious is in close relations with the Superconscious which makes sure it uses the new data for us to receive in form of new thoughts and ideas, which also can come in form of dreams since in the sleep phase the conscious mind is “shut up” and can’t interfere with its favorite of “second guessing” every decision we do make.

      The Chakra system is a real and vital part in our life’s journey and also helps us to balance and keep our health on all levels of our being; and it doesn’t matter if one likes to believe in it or not, it just is. The colors were giving through divine communications and it has been proven of its validity due to modern, scientific technique (wavelength/frequency of colors).

      Years ago, through a channel session, I received the information that even though we seem to know about the most basic and used colors here on Earth, we all see the shade of each color slight differently in accordance to our viewpoints, belief system and our personal (spiritual, mental and emotional) growth.

      One last thing I like to mention, in one meditation I was shown a color which don’t exist in our reality and I can’t even compare it with any color I know of. The information was that there is way more colors surrounding us which we are unable to see or can recognize, yet, with modern technology. I will always cherish this experience and gift.

      Linda, it is always a pleasure to communicate with you and to read your response to my articles. It is inspiring, and I learn so much from your own journey and understanding of the matter.
      I am looking forward to our next “chat”

      Thank you for your support and God bless you, my friend 🙂

      1. I Love that about you, Sylvia, You truly are gifted and I know that as sure as my name is Linda.

        I know what you mean about colours and I know that the higher spiritual world is much different than ours. I guess I used my word wrong by saying a brainstorm because I see and hear the answers being awake. Because many things come to me in the early morning just as we are waking and other times through dreams that we are given for a more personal understanding. But a brainstorm is a very real experience that is giving enlightenment you might use the word revolution.

        I don’t use the word revelation too often because this confuses people I don’t like to place myself in a position to explain why this happens to me it is thought to be only for those only that are chosen enlightened personages. But we are all Gods children, and we do have the capacity to receive personal revelations just as the gift you received with colour.

        This revelation to you is very special and when you received it, it enlightened your soul and has a very special place within you, It is an experience that cannot be taken from you. You know where it came from with certainty it is as vivid as the day you received it.

        The same goes for me I have had many of these revelations take place and not many I can share them with. So fare you are the second person that I have been able to communicate with and I will cherish this always. The first person was able to give confirmation as to what I was talking about.

        That is a very rare gift since then I have been able to open up a bit more and not be scared of what people might think of me. I am how I am and I can’t change that I can tell something that I have no knowledge about but when clarity comes the knowledge is there at my fingertips it is a knowingness far greater them mine.

        I am but a speck of dust compared to heavenly matters I cherish the day I will return home again. I know we will meet if not in this world but the next. I already feel we have known each other before coming to earth in the spirit world.
        Always a better way
        HIG’s Linda

        1. Dear Linda, this is so amazing what you are saying and I certainly do agree with you.
          We did hide away from our gift because we had been ridiculed for the way we are and believe me when I say I believe you.
          However, I also believe, now, that we have to come out of our hideaways and spread the truth we have received and still will. I once asked during my channeling why there are, sometimes, huge or fewer discrepancies in certain answers to certain topics and this is what I received: “Like the saying in your world there are many roads leading to Rome, there are also many lights, some burning brighter others are still a bit dim, some are larger and others still growing in size during their transition to reach the absolute Light; and each one of these lights are important and fulfill their purpose at the spot they are at any given time and moment”.

          We only can learn from each other and this will not only broaden our own horizon but also will increase the brightness of our own light to shine even larger.

          Thank you, Linda for being such a “Light” coming into my life
          Namaste & HIG’s

  3. Very interesting thank you Sylvia.

    One thing I would suggest is that the higher we go in consciousness the deeper our roots need to be or we will be unable to manage our day to day life. If we are too much into our ‘higher state of consciousness’ we might become too flakey and un grounded and even ‘away with the fairies’ as we say in the UK.
    The taller a tree, the deeper its roots need to be to support it.

    Similarly, the higher we go in consciousness, perhaps the deeper and stronger our root chakra needs to be to handle such a huge load of energy….. without us finishing with problems….

    1. I do agree with you, Duncan, that when we seek and reach higher consciousness through the 7th chakra we also need to have strong and deep roots, keeping the Root chakra fully functioning too.

      I have written about each chakra exclusively and when you read about the 1st chakra the importance of being properly grounded is certainly addressed.

      We also can’t leave out the fact that the Crown chakra and the Root chakra have a so-called special connection, meaning, if one is working healthy or not so healthy the other one shows the same, but this will be a separate topic for another day. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, appreciated.

  4. Good afternoon, Sylvia,
    I was really looking forward to reading your new chakra post.
    This 7th chakra is located at the top of the head. I see the head of a human as a kind of antenna.
    Our eyes, nose, and ears absorb what is happening around us. The whole head will also absorb the radiation which is ever present in our modern life. The Pituitary gland is being attacked by fluoride. Seeing it from this point of view, how can the Crown Chakra from a modern human function well? Pollution is around us and inside us and that must be a strain on all our chakras.
    Further on in your post, you say that humans normally want to find the reason for issues or concerns outside when actually it can be found inside yourself. What is valid for medical issues is also valid for spiritual ones. There are quite a few countries in the world where a narrow mindedness can be observed, probably caused by disinformation, a fear of the unknown and a fear of losing the amassed riches.
    On your list of purple foods, I see blueberries, eggplant, and figs. There is an old fig tree on my farm. The season starts in August but lasts a maximum of 3 months. Last year I decided to try and freeze them and that experiment has come out good. I made 16 portions of each 6 figs and we eat them with Greek yogurt and honey. In the vegetable garden eggplant and purple cabbage are growing and a berry mix I can buy frozen.
    Reading your list of aromas for balancing the Crown Chakra I see Jasmin. In old times the Spanish farmers in the south would plant Jasmin bushes around their houses. When I came to live here in 1981 there was already some Jasmin growing and I planted some more.
    Thank you for this lovely post, I enjoyed reading it and got some interesting information.
    Regards, Taetske

    1. Dear Taetske,
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my last article of the chakra system, about the 7th chakra, which further finishes the whole series. I hope you also have read about the other 6 chakras as well.

      Yes, unfortunately humans, as well some medical professionals, like to look outside of a health issue not taking the person’s attitude toward themselves and their view on life in general into account.
      This is one of my main reasons why I like to write about it and spread some awareness that there is more than just what one can perceive with their five senses.

      I do “envy” you just a wee bit about your fig tree, but I also will plant soon some veggies and of course our annual flowers. We have to be aware more where I live, on what we can plant, since our area is, at least, 3-6 weeks behind the “normal” calendar when it comes to warmer temperatures etc.

      I am glad that you have enjoyed the read and I hope you have gained a bit more information on the chakras. Please, feel free to ask more questions when they arise. 🙂

      All the best and Namaste

  5. Awesome topic, and an awesome site, I love it.  Thank you.

    Your 7th chakra is indeed your connection with God and The Spirit.  All of it is spiritual.  And this one is the center of all chakras, I never thought of it that way, and you are right, it makes perfect sense. 

    I have been working with my chakras the past few months, and I have found that I have eliminated several people and things that I used to cling to, the ones that are breaking me down, I was able to “see” the people and situations for what they actually are, and I was able to detach myself without any problems or looking back.  

    I have so much more peace and serenity than ever before.  I do however still see a few things you mention that I have to look at that tells me that my 7th chakra is not aligned as I want it to be yet.  Things that I haven’t realized before, like a lack of purpose being separated from abundance and belonging.  

    My sister definitely falls into the category of having balanced chakras.  She has reached enlightenment and she is just an amazing person.  I am working to achieve the same, soon I’ll also be where she is and life will be so easy and enjoyable.  She uses crystals and gems, as well as meditation and food.  I use meditation and affirmations, which works really well.  But I see I’ll need to take a look and use food as well.  Never occurred to me that food can have such a great impact on our chakra balances.  We can both look into aromatherapy. 

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us today.  We greatly appreciate, we are also firm believers that a spiritual awakening is happening all over the world, and it is a very important time to share as much information as possible about spiritual awakening in many forms with as many as possible, and you have a great site here to do just that.  

    Thank you Sylvia, you are doing such an important awesome job!

    1. Thank you Marlene for taking the time and to leave such a wonderful and qualified comment, I appreciate it very much.

      I can confirm, on what you saying that when you change, due to internal work and gaining more consciousness it really shows in the outside world. Yes, people may leave you, moving on or stay where they at but also new people will enter your life and share the new level of consciousness with until you move on, once again, to the next level.

      Life is full of surprises and sometimes we just have to go with the flow.

      I wish you all the best in your life’s journey and feel free to ask any questions about the chakras I am more than happy to answer them if I can.



  6. Thank you for the thorough article. I’ve seen some online videos by Mindvalley Academy and I was really interested: e.g. Christie Marie Sheldon or Donna Eden. You are absolutely right that one should take into consideration the aspects of others and accept their belief even if it is so much different than ours. I also believe that we should be cured not only physically as we are the unity of Body-Spirit-Soul. Very often we just have physical symptoms and our soul should be cured. You mention meditation, affirmation and Aromatherapy I’m also interested in but don’t know too much about. Colours and frequencies really might influence us, I think. I’ll come back to your page in the future to get some more info.

    1. Hi, Agnes, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on this matter.

      Yes, I also do know Mindvalley Academy very well and being a member for over 10 years now. I also have taken the course of Christie Marie Sheldon and many others.

      I personal and strongly, do believe that if we could be a bit more tolerant toward ourselves and our personal weaknesses and human flaws, we also could show more tolerance toward our next door neighbor and the world would be already in a much better state as it is right now.

      Please, feel free to browse through my website and also read about the other 6th chakras.



  7. Namaste Sylvia. That’s a very informative post. I’m born and raised up in India, still, I did not have much idea about Chakras. Of course, I heard about them before. Now, I’m very glad that I get to read your article and know about 7th Chakra. I’ll read about the other 6 now.

    My question is, I’m non-vegetarian, does that affect the chakras? Do we have to stick to the food suggested by you?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. I look forward to reading articles on other chakras and sharing them as well.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      To your question, no, this food chart doesn’t mean you need to be a vegetarian or even a vegan, it only means that if you like to balance a certain chakra of yours, or even the whole chakra system, it is a good idea to incorporate one or two food suggestions into your daily diet.

      In example on the food intake for the 7th chakra you could incorporate into your normal diet to eat a bit more of the purple grapes or plums etc. It should be easy for anyone and it is certainly not meant to be a “must do” diet.

      Just follow up with what you like to eat from the food suggestion and you are good to go. 🙂



  8. I am truly fascinated with the concept of chakras. The first thing that comes to mind and that I want to say here is how so many people have negative perceptions of these spiritual concepts. How amazing and spectacular that every human being has the ability to tap into a higher power! You have done a great job of explaining the 7th Chakra- I had no idea
    that one could have an overactive Chakra. Regarding the colors- I do wear black clothes sometimes. Does this have a negative affect on the 7th Chakra?  Thank you for adding the chart on the purple foods- how cool that this correlates to the color of the Chakra.  

    1. Hi, Misty and thank you for leaving a comment on this important topic, appreciated.

      You have to understand that the chakra system as a whole and also each chakra on its own is a living energy form with a specific task to keep us alive and to help us, to not just fend for ourselves, but to evolve and make the best out of ourselves and our lives.

      Wearing the color Black isn’t a bad thing at all since it also has its purpose and the purpose is to protect from unwanted energies. It always depends on in which culture you have grown up in, in example, in the Buddhist faith the color White means Grief what the color Black is in the Western culture. 

      Furthermore, especially young people, will go somewhat, to a so-called “Black Phase”, and this is only to protect themselves. We are all, sometimes, are vulnerable toward the outside world and sub-consciously we “protect” ourselves to wear a color like Black because this color won’t let go anything through, not even negative energy.

      I hope my explanation did help a bit. 🙂



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