The Complete Chakra Guide to the 7 Chakras Part Two – The 2nd Chakra –


The 2nd chakra, also known by the name of the “Sacral” chakra or, sometimes referred to as the “Sexual” chakra, subsequently following the 1st chakra we already have discussed.

Note: There is a shorter version of all the 7 chakras, which will give you an overview.

However, today, we will talk solely about the 2nd chakra and dive deep enough to give you, the reader, an understanding of this chakra’s functioning.


What is the Chakra’s full name and where is it located on the Body?

The Sanskrit name of this chakra is “Swadhisthana” (pronounced: Swud-hest-hunu)and it deals with the duality of our world. The Ying and Yang, as are known through the Chinese, which shows us the two energy forms of male and female.

However, in the famous symbol of the Ying and Yang, shown as a circle with the colors black and white, we also can see that both colors are being presented in the opposite color. This means, according to the Chinese philosophy, that we do carry a part of the opposite energy in us.

Ying Yang Symbol

Every female has some male energy in her as every male also has some female energy. The symbol further shows us how balanced these two energies are.

How balanced our 2nd chakra is can be discovered and observed throughout this article.

The Sacral chakra is located in the Lower Abdomen, see the following figure.

Location of the Chakras

It does extend from the top pelvic area to the navel where the energetic power of our creativity exists. This chakra is also seen as the vessel of our imagination and the endless flow of our creative juices.

The Kundalini energy is also a part of this chakra. Many chakra experts say that when the Kundalini energy is not awake, it will reside within the Sacral chakra, coiled together like a snake.

Kundalini Symbol

If this energy is awakened, it not only will boost the sexual energy, letting go of anything and everything, it becomes aware of the sexual power in us and being able to transform the energy to even greater creativity.

Specifics of the 2nd Chakra

As I have mentioned before, the location of the 2nd chakra is from the top pelvic area to the navel, which also is the location of the umbilical cord nourishing not only the growing embryo but, is also the closest connection with the Mother.

When we become our own individual, right after birth, we will keep the connection on the ethereal plane and yet, it is also the connection to our creativity and sexuality, feeling well and happy in and with our body.

This chakra regulates how we perceive and deal with relationships, handle our creativity and enjoy the pleasure of sex and other things in life without guilt.

Note: We already spoke about sexuality in the 1st chakra, but, there, we mostly have or will use it as a factor to keep “our kind” alive and make sure the human race doesn’t perish. From the view of the 1st chakra we only procreate, it doesn’t care if we also do enjoy the act itself.

Having a positive body image is essential for this chakra to express ourselves. It is not spoken out of term when I say that we in our westerly, civilized society have one of the worst body images ever.

The Perfect Body Image

We are ashamed of how we look. Are we too fat, too bony, too short, too tall? Unfortunately, we have created this conundrum and have given away our own power letting “artificial” creations like Fashion Magazines, the Fashion Industry, Television, or celebrities determine what is correct or beautiful and what is a total failure.

The health condition of Bulimia and Anorexia nervosa is already the quintessence of these statements.

To feel and to have pleasure is the real statement for this 2nd

The 2nd Chakra and the Emotion Guilt

Since we are talking about pleasure, sexual pleasure, the Emotion Guilt is not very far either. The first question which pops up in everyone’s mind “Why do we have to feel guilty”?

Female Guilt

Feeling guilty is not a natural behavior like feeling fear. In the 1st chakra, we discussed that the Emotion Fear is also important, somehow, to our survival and to let us make the right decisions in every situation. However, the Emotion Guilt was placed in us, due to religion, culture and other social convention for thousands and thousands of years. Therefore, the only conclusion to draw from it, is the fact, that we must feel guilty when we don’t live up to the expectation of our peers.

Male Guilt

Note: Can you still remember when you were a kid, or when you had your own children that, at a certain age, it was totally o.k. to run around naked at the beach. No one really had anything negative to say everyone acted as it was the most natural thing and, of course, that how it should. However, when we got older, perhaps closer to our first-grade School day or early as kindergarten; all of a sudden we were told to put something on, at least some bathing trunks. Nudity had lost its cuteness and did become a no-no, at least we were told that this isn’t appropriate anymore and when we asked why the answer probably was something like “to be naked is shameful” or “you are getting too old for it”.

Nowadays, we mostly think of 3rd World countries and other religions, which we also do see as more violent and against humanity, and against other human rights like sexual freedom and to be able to freely express one’s sexual identity.

The 2nd chakra is teaching us this very clearly and it can’t be said in more simple as with these words: “Honor One Another”.

If we are just able to fulfill this saying the world certainly would be in a much better place as it is right now. Tolerance and respect is the main attribute of this chakra and, again, it also can’t be depicted more clearly with the Ying Yang symbol (see image above).

Each one carries a tiny part of the other one and this alone deserves the honor to be respected.

The Strength of the 2nd Chakra

This chakra connects us to the other side of our existence, the part we can’t, not yet, see very clear and therefore like to ignore it. We know by now that each male and female carries attributes of the other one and, sometimes, even though we are from our physical presence show exactly who we are, might act in certain situations as the opposite.

Note: I had a wonderful client, some years ago, coming to my practice for a Reiki session. She was a very beautiful woman, medium height, a terrific figure, a face like an angel, so her hair and altogether just a lovely demeanor. When we talked, she also had a very soft voice and we had a good client/ practitioner relationship.

She came to me once a week for many months and since most of the time, she was my last client of the day we had a short chat afterward. One day, when we were chatting, she received a call from her office, she was a criminal lawyer, and hearing her what she had to say and how she talked on the phone almost gave me some chills along my spine.

There was no soft voice anymore and the words coming out of her mouth sounded more like a machine gun. Her facial expression had also changed and everything that has shown her as a lovely, sweet female was gone. This was my first real encounter in how one person can activate the opposite energy, which she obviously needed to do so, due to her job profile, in the blink of an eye.


This story I am telling you is certainly one of a kind and in many cases, we barely will see this kind of a drastic personality switch. Nevertheless, we are all doing it if we find it, sub-consciously and, consciously the need for it.

My advice to you, watch yourself when you interact with others and also watch the other person. It doesn’t take long to discover certain attributes of the opposite sex in yourself or in the other person.


Another strength of the 2nd chakra is creativity. We all are creative at one degree and sometimes it will take a while to see it. Not everyone will become a Picasso or Mozart, but this shouldn’t keep you from pursuing a trait or a hobby in a certain field.

If you love painting, playing the piano, writing short stories and everything in between, so do it. Let your creative juices flow.

The Power of Creativity

For this chakra it isn’t important if we reach fame and wealth. Although, it is aimed towards it and it is up to us if we use this internal “plugin”, to be a bit modern in today’s language, to reach our creative goals. To activate this “plugin” is ageless and it can happen at any time to get our creativity flowing.

Just find out what is your creative interest.

What are the most Physical Problems?

On the physical plane the 2nd chakra supports or is responsible for the following:

  • Pelvic area
  • Reproductive System, ovaries and testes
  • Kidneys and Bladder
  • All the Body liquids like blood, lymph, gastric juices, cerebral spinal fluid, mucus, sperm

What are the Signs of a Weak or of an Overactive 2nd Chakra?

The signs of a weak Sacral chakra can be found when urination becomes more frequent and also painful. Lower Back pain, here we have to understand that this pain also can belong to the 1st chakra, sometimes, the lines between two chakras being so close to each other can get blurred.

Another visible weakness of this chakra is swollen feet and hands

Then, there are poor social skills, the person doesn’t know any boundaries when in interaction with others. I.e. standing too close to another person, not respecting any personal space, speaking a lot out of term. Furthermore, the person is in denial of any form of pleasure which can incorporate any social activity there is and shows a lack of compassion as well as any form of excitement.


And, of course, the immediate fear of any sexual activity. For a female frigidity, the lack of getting aroused is a huge part of this chakra’s weakness. A male also can experience this form, but here we usually speak of a low sex drive, which in reality is nothing else as being frigid.

Lack of Sexual Energy

When we talk of having an overactive 2nd chakra we can find it in these forms of a) having an addiction to all kinds of pleasure like food, alcohol, other stimuli drugs, going out every night, partying etc.


The person literally feels driven to do more and more and more. They just can’t stop. I also would add to be a workaholic to the mix; then b), there is the sexual acting out, being promiscuous is normal for the person in question. For a woman being a nymphomaniac also falls into this pattern of an overactive sacral chakra.

Furthermore, with an overactive 2nd chakra the person can be emotionally sensitive (flying off the handle syndrome) it has also poor boundaries and has an obsessive attachment like having control issues, anger issues, or an aversion of physical touch, unable to show physical affection are just a few examples.

What is the Emotional State of the 2nd Chakra?

As we already have seen in the section how an overactive 2nd chakra can look like the term “flying off the handle” was mentioned and it certainly was done with a good reason.

The overall emotional issue a person can have is being unable to get along with other people. As we know by now that having control and or anger issues with an overactive 2nd chakra isn’t that uncommon. At the same time, however, they are always worried what others would think or say about them.


Therefore, they like to follow the crowd, but at the same time they are power seeking and they like to get the upper hand; and, they will just do that because they are also very “creative” in manipulating their whole environment.

How to get to a Balanced State with the 2nd Chakra?

When a person is balanced in this chakra by accepting the opposite energy, which is also part of their whole existence, life will be just beautiful for them. Having Love and pure excitement for life, in general, is not uncommon. There is also the ability to change if it is required without breaking out in panic.

Furthermore, there is the ability to experience pleasure in all areas of life without shame or guilt. The acceptance of the individual’s body image is a given and will be never questioned.

Desire, unfortunately, many spiritual disciplines disapprove of desire they say that it will take us away from our spiritual path, keeping us trapped and distracted. I personally and totally disapprove of such statement.

Sexual desire, for example, is the ultimate expression of the Sacral chakra. It embodies our movement and sensation of pleasure, of experiencing the right to feel and the right to healthy sexuality.

Therefore, allow the free flow of pleasure throughout your body by seeing, feeling and tasting without any guilt.

To achieve a balanced 2nd chakra can be reached with the content, discussed, in the following chapters starting with colors.


Colors are very important and you might have noticed it or even don’t believe in it, but you will dress yourself each and every day the way how you feel.

However, colors are an important part to balance your chakras and it is also very cost effective to do so.

The main color of this chakra is the color Orange. Orange stands for pleasure, being full of life. It supplies us with an abundance of renewing and stimulating energy.

The color orange can free us from stagnant, emotional patterns and encourages us to enjoy the joy we will get from sensual pleasure. Orange is the color for success and when a person loves this color, it also loves life in general, count on it.

On the physical plane, orange will stimulate the blood and our circulatory process, which affects our mental, nervous and respiratory systems.

The frequency of the color Orange is 484-508 THz (Terahertz). The complementary color is Blue. If you have an aversion to the color orange at least try the color blue, wearing some undergarment in one of these colors won’t hurt.

Crystal & Gemstones

Here are a few stones which are mostly used to strengthen, enhance and balance the 2nd chakra

You can wear them as a tumbled stone in the pocket of your pants or jacket as long they are close to your body. You also might like to wear them in for of jewelry like a necklace, earrings or bracelet, the choice is yours.

  • Carnelian
  • Coral
  • Copper
  • Goldstone
  • Tiger’s Eye


Meditation is, in my opinion, very easy to do, even for beginners. I will recommend Meditation for all the chakras since it is easy to follow (is guided) and won’t take much of your busy time.


I already have written about the affirmation and even though they are important in the long haul, as a standing alone method they won’t be as effective. I wrote a bit more in detail in the 1st chakra article.

Here are some good affirmations for the 2nd chakra. Feel free to add your own version it is easy to do.

  • I am creative and have the power to transform my life
  • I am opening myself to others naturally
  • I deserve and have pleasure in my life
  • I feel pleasure during lovemaking
  • I feel good being in control of my life
  • I feel joy
  • I allow abundance and prosperity into my life


Feed your Body the right Food

We all know by now that having a balanced diet by eating the right food is essential to our overall health. The following foods and herbs are just suggestions and it is up to you how you will integrate them into your daily diet.


  • Apricots
  • Mangos
  • Melons
  • Oranges
  • Carrots
  • Peaches
  • Orange Peppers


  • Ginger
  • Crampbark
  • Hawthorn
  • Hops
  • Parsley
  • Valerian


Using essential oils is a feast for me. I love many scents and I use a diffuser, almost every day, with a different scent. It is important though that you don’t try in overdoing it, nothing can be far from the truth when using too much of, any, essential oils. Use only a couple of drops; this is most of the time enough to achieve the wanted outcome.

You don’t want that your room or even the whole house is covered with a thick, overbearing scent. This is not what aromatherapy wants to achieve.

Here are the most used essential oils to balance the 2nd chakra:

  • Cedarwood
  • Geranium
  • Mandarin
  • Nutmeg
  • Orange
  • Tangerine


As you have discovered by now the 2nd chakra is very important when it comes to our own identity, the way we like to see ourselves and be seen by others. You also received the information that this chakra is responsible for how we live, use and accept our creativity.

Being creative is a part of our human being and yes, not everyone will become a famous artist, but this is not the point. The point is that you will discover where your creativity lies and using it to relax and find joy by doing what you love doing. After all, it is no one else’s business only yours.

The last part we discussed in this article is the pleasure of sex and experiencing it without shame or guilt. We are “sexual” beings; even being slightly touched by another person is some sort of sexual contact. Sexuality is not just intercourse it is way more, it is being ourselves.

Unfortunately, the rigid beliefs of many religions, cultures, and societies teach us the opposite, ergo creates a huge imbalance in our personality, oppresses and suppresses who we are and, in my personal opinion, is responsible for many sexual crimes committed worldwide.

If we would be taught, the proper way, that feeling sexual pleasure isn’t a sin the world would be already in a much better even peaceful place.

Stay tuned for the 3rd Chakra.

Feel free to share your opinion and personal thoughts.

Wishing you always a wonderful day!

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Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

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  1. This is a very lovely piece. It teaches us my about our natural selves and the stuffs we were naturally made of. I am hearing about chakra for the first time and what they actually stand for.

    I will love to read this article over and over again, it is rich and inexhaustible. It helps one to embrace life the way it is, although western education, religion and cultural beliefs have really changed our perceptions towards life. 

  2. I Utilize the Chakras in relation to my breathing as I ponder. So as to Concentrate on my Breathe being Moderate, Quiet, Profound, Loose. As I center around breathing, my brain is loaded with contemplation and I have to release one of them at any given moment until the point when my psyche is clear, then I inhale, how? 1 to 4 then an idea flies in to intrude, then I return concentration and inhale 1 to 4 Perceive that idea for what it is and move it on. I do rehash again and again continually concentrating on my Breathe being 1 to 4 To inhale is invigorating and stimulating.

    1. Thanks for your comment and your own experience when meditating. 

      Yes, it is essential to focus on the breath cycle and to concentrate on that, letting go of all what is going on in our minds can be so freeing.

  3. Aloha Sylvia!Thank you very much for your effort and time you put in your website. It is great! I love the chakra series. Reading your article about the second chakra, I discovered that mine could be weak. I compared the points of the second chakra you discuss in your post with, what I think, the issues I have in that area. My results are a little contradictory. On the one hand, I’m really enjoying everything I do. I love my life and my experiences, although they weren’t pleasant all the time. My expression of love in and out – happy to say – is great, and also my creativity is almost overwhelming.On the other hand, my sexual energy is low, up to not there at all. Being in my early 50s I also experience challenges in my hormonal system, showing up in very frequent, however, very weak bleeding. With that issue, I struggle for several years already. I love the color orange. I like to wear orange T-shirts or when that color is a part of the fabric patterns. But I very often wear black underwear.Fruit like mango, orange, tangerines, and papaya belongs to my daily diet. I also use ginger and turmeric a lot. I love essential oils with orange scent.Can you make a sense of my description? What would you recommend? If you need more information, please, let me know!Love and light to you for your way!Keep up your amazing work!Aloha, JennaPS: Thank you for the meditation. It is beautiful!

    1. Jenna, thank you so much for your detailed comment and sharing your personal experience.

      First, there are no discrepancies in what you are describing. With everything we, as an individual, do experience is not “always” textbook and that being said, you can have a great sex life and be creative to the max and still can have issues with the Sacral chakra.

      Yes, hormonal issues are also a factor when we, as women, going through menopause and the 2nd chakra is governing our reproductive organs. Therefore, having a low sex drive is really not unusual, it will pass again in time.

      Wearing also another color isn’t bad and, especially, the color Black is sometimes needed when we need more protection from what is going on in our surrounding.

      So, please, don’t worry too much as far as I can see you are doing great in what you are doing with your life.



  4. Hello, going through your post and I can only say, Wow! This was really informative, interesting and educative. My opinion about the topic is that it is really helpful and contains all the right concepts of the 7Chaktra. I love forward to reading some other posts of yours too. This was really informative.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time and leaving a comment, appreciated.

      I am glad you also have found my article on the 2nd chakra informative and educational. This is what I like to do giving people information which might help them to enhance their lives.

  5. Wow, Sylvia this is a VERY informative article.    For cultural reasons, I will choose not to share my thoughts about what you said about the sexual energy part here.   Yet, I am happy that you included the information about the importance of that energy in this article.  

    For the longest time, I felt that my creative energy was bottled up.   It was I could see the bottle with my energy.   I can look around and know that I used to be able to tap into it in the past.   Yet lately, I have been having the hardest time accessing it and using it.   

    Yet, I wonder if my 2nd Chakra has been off balance.  Maybe that is why the items that are the color of various shades of orange having been appealing to me lately?    Even when I saw the box at the beginning of this post, I was drawn to wanting to read this – even though I had no clue what chakra was.  

    Well, you have given me something to think about.   Thanks!   

    1. Thank, Sondra, for your time to leave a comment and sharing your insight.

      Yes, it is possible that our body can crave a certain color which might also be in relation to a chakra.

      Our chakra system is a vital system and is never stagnant. Therefore, it is always a possibility that one chakra can be a bit out of balance, due to a health-related issue or to social problems of varying kinds.

      In your case, it probably would be beneficial to work with the color orange and see what it can do for you.

      Just a suggestion.

      Wishing you always a wonderful day. 🙂

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