Why Reiki should not be taught Long Distance

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In this article first and foremost, I will explain while Reiki and also other “hands-on” healing modalities shouldn’t be taught in any form of long distance.

I do know very well, though that in our day and age of learning, shifting more and more to the “digital” option can have its advantages for sure.

One of the big advantages is the lesser costs. You don’t have to pay shipping and handling and you have most of the time immediate access to your purchased product on the same day.


It can’t get any better than this and I agree!

Read more about Reiki and its many advantages here

However, there are still limitations and one of them is to learn a hands-on healing modality which requires the presence of the teacher “live”, not through an audio, mail, email, or DVD presentation.

In the case of Reiki, these forms I have mentioned above could be an enhancer for the student to take with them and review the lessons after he/she has finished the in-person class.

Reiki Live Class

The distance teaching, however, can’t ever be a substitute for the teaching in person and here are the reasons why:

  • First and foremost, none of the original founders of Reiki as Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and Miss Takata, have ever taught Reiki in the form of distance teaching
  • Important aspects will be left out which only can be accomplished during an in-person teaching
  • Physical touch is needed to transmit the metaphysical energy from the teacher to the student when the teacher touches the student’s head, neck, and hands
  • The physical touch also may transmit the psychological and physical aspect of understanding of the transmitted energy
  • The spontaneous arising questions during a training can be answered by the teacher immediately and also may lead to some discussion which is not directly related to Reiki but will deepen the overall understanding to the student
  • Without knowing the Reiki Teacher and what is his/her background, how long they teach Reiki, where did they get their Reiki attunements and what is their lineage? The student really doesn’t know what he/she might receive. Is it really Reiki or something else?Reiki Masters

Money and or Time has often been the Issue of choosing a long Distance Course

It is tempting to choose the long distance Attunement version because the costs are a fraction vs. in person live class teaching and more people can receive the Attunement at the same time, whereas in a live class setting the teacher will set some limitation of participants to its own discretion.

When money is the issue here, or also not finding the time to spend 2-4 days back to back by participating in a live class setting, the Reiki Teacher could offer several options to the interested student:

  • A teacher could offer some Scholarship to a serious student
  • Reduce the price of a Reiki class by offering the same perhaps, once or twice a year, for those who are struggling to pay for it, but are very interested and serious about learning all about Reiki and becoming a Reiki practitioner
  • Offers payments to take the load off of a one-time payment. This also is to the Reiki teacher’s own discretion
  • Offers a 2-4 days class in the form of a one-day class over a period of 2-4 weeks, this too can reduce the pressure of not being able to attend a class which takes more than one day in a row.  A good Reiki teacher will be able to conduct a Reiki class this way with satisfactory to the students, not having the feeling of falling short on the teaching

These, of course, are only guidelines when it comes from participating in a Reiki live class, but it also does show that there are much better possibilities still for a serious student to learn Reiki the “Right” way instead of using an online course.


Another point of Importance

There is another point of importance why an online Reiki Attunement isn’t the right way to go when using a mail, email, or a video version.

There is a well-known fact that over 90% of communication is done non-verbally by using body language and just being physically present, which is very important for the teacher/student relationship.

Non-Verbal Communication

These all will be lost during an online teaching/Reiki Attunement.

Long Distance Reiki Attunement can only be an Experiment or an Addition

If a person is looking for a quality and professional Reiki training, then receiving this training from a Reiki teacher with the same qualities, in person, is of the essence.

Nothing can substitute the importance of the physical presence of a teacher who can guide, instruct and attune the student in person and answer any questions immediately.


Receiving a Long Distance Reiki Attunement can only be seen, in my opinion, as an experiment, or as an addition when having received a proper Reiki Attunement, which might happen years ago and the Reiki Practitioner wants to refresh its knowledge.

Learn Reiki the Right Way
In Person, from Me
Sylvia Mann, Certified Reiki Teacher

Some limited value of giving a Long Distance Reiki Attunement

Even though I personally and utterly are against a long distance Reiki Attunement teaching, I certainly do know of some limited value in this form of teaching could provide.

  • Emergency. Reiki Attunement could be received long distance due to an emergency. Here I like to mention a situation I had experienced as a Reiki teacher for myself.

A very close friend in Germany had called me one day to tell me that her mother should undergo an operation, she the mother, is not 100% behind it and actually does feel the worst of an outcome.

I gave my friend the needed Reiki Attunement so she can provide her mother with the so much needed Reiki healing energy. The mother made a full recovery without any operation and did instead receive a less invasive treatment.

This might be, of course, an isolated incidence, so you might think, but it does can happen more often. We, as humans and as a society, do not need to know everything in detail to make it work. Sometimes we just need to believe.

  • Unusual Circumstances. This could be any sort of adversity like Earth Quakes, Floods, Fire, the outbreak of any disease.

We are well surrounded these days by any kind of adversities, happening in the world. There is certainly not a day passing by where we will switch on our TV’s and, be not bombarded by any of the crises.

If a person is living in one of these settings and asking for help by receiving a Reiki Attunement, to be able to give Reiki, where it is needed the most, I won’t object to this person myself. Since I do know for myself how helpful Reiki can be in such circumstances.


However, I also do recommend, very strongly, to this person who had received such a Reiki Attunement that way, to seek for a good Reiki teacher, in person, to go through the proper Reiki training.

It not only will add knowledge to the person’s understanding but will also strengthen the Reiki energy it already has received.



As a Reiki teacher, I do know, at first hand, how important it is to receive a Reiki Attunement from a Reiki teacher in person.

I never will miss this experience.

I also do know that Reiki, given as a Long Distance Session, does work very well, no limitations there.

However, receiving training that way will never be satisfactory to the student, it only can awaken its interest in learning more about it and therefore will receive the proper training once more in a live class setting with a Reiki teacher physically present.

The digital day and age have its wonderful advantages, but it also will still have its limitations too.

We all have, in the end, to decide this for ourselves.

Leave a comment below if you like perhaps share your own experience on the subject matter.

Wishing you always a blessed and a wonderful Day 🙂

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Author: Sylvia Kiliwia

Sylvia Mann has worked as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Nursing Instructor for many years. However, her passion also lies in holistic healing and seeking complementary healing modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, EFT just to name a few. Spiritual topics about psychic abilities, the supernatural and more are also of interest to her. To be able to "heal yourself" is always the main focus to Sylvia when she writes an article to inform her readers.

10 thoughts on “Why Reiki should not be taught Long Distance”

  1. Hi Sylvia.
    Thanks for letting me read your blog about long distance reiki. I have myself participated in a Reiki healing course, and I know for myself, that I would never do a full training long distance. So I agree with you. I would feel that I missed out so much regarding to the training. For me it’s also important to interact with other students and learn from them being present in the situation.
    I agree also that it’s ok to use long distance training in circumstances that requires immediate help, like your good friend in Germany who was able to proved her sick mother with Reiki healing.
    I also agree that the digital day and age has its wonderful advantages, but it also will still have its limitations too.
    I like that you offer the students several options when money is the issue. Reducing the price, offers payment solutions, and offers a one day class over a period of 2-4 weeks to reduce the pressure of not being able to attend a class.
    The thing I wanted to know more about was: The Long Distance Attunement Version? Maybe more detail about what it is.
    I found your post very helpful. I am now completely sure about how I would have wanted a Reiki Healing Training to be. Thanks for your info about the subject, and I hope my comments were helpful for you.


    1. Hi Tove,

      Thank you for your comment and insight on this matter about Reiki Training in a Long Distance.

      I love to engage with people and the visitors of my website. I really like to hear their true opinions on my articles and what they like to know more about.

      Attunement is a sacred process where the teacher will initiate the student in a certain matter. These important steps are important and crucial by connecting the student with the Reiki energy.

      This is the reason, why I am so against it!

      Giving a long distance healing session, is a different matter all together and many Reiki teachers old school as myself, believe that the fact of giving a distance healing session also can be referred to a long distance Reiki training as well.

      Which can be not.


  2. Hello Sylvia,
    Thanks for the overview on Reiki as I was not familiar with the practice. That’s an impressive list of things that Reiki may help with. Couple of questions. Is Reiki a franchise and do you coach others to be become Reiki practioners? Are your classes individual or group? What differentiates this from other holistic practices?

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thank you for your comment and questions and I like to answer them with pleasure.

      1. Reiki is NOT a franchise and as a Reiki teacher I will teach the students all the principles of Reiki and what Reiki stands for or not. Especially the history, where it comes from and how Reiki can be used on a daily basis for yourself and for others (Clients)

      2. How a Reiki teacher hold its classes may differ. Sometimes there can be larger groups of 5-15 people, but there is also the possibility of working with individuals. In this matter, there are no strict rules how many people have to be present.

      3. The difference of Reiki towards other Healing Modalities is the use of its simplicity, but also its high effectiveness in the outcome. Reiki students don’t need to memorize too many protocols, like in Body Talk.

      Or, need to know too much about Anatomy and Physiology, as well like in Body Talk or Body Code. You can read more about these modalities as well here on my website.

      I hope you have find my answers sufficient and feel free to ask even more. 🙂


  3. Do you have a post on the definition of what Reiki is? It looks like some sort of massage therapy and holistic healing technique? I’m just getting into natural healing. I have some digestive problems. I’ve heard this word floated around recently but I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Thanks!

  4. I don’t know much about reiki, but after reading your article, I agree that this type of training would need to be done in person.

    This profession is centered on providing physical contact. So how are you going to accomplish that through DVD or audio instruction? If people are serious about studying this, then they should be serious and enroll themselves in an actual class.

    1. Thank you for your comment and insight on this article.

      I am not the only one who is seeing this the way I do. As you said so clearly, it only can be taught in person to give and receive a thorough understanding of the subject and how it has to be implementd correctly.

  5. I have read some information on this type of treatment and from the onset it looks to be a very good alternative treatment to heal many things that are ailing us both spiritually and physically. But the one thing that was stuck in my mind is finding the right Reiki Practioner and not someone who would transfer unwanted spirits or negative energy. There are as we might say “sheep in wolves clothing”. I also read that you dont have to actually physically touch the area in order to transfer the positive energy needed for the healing? Your thoughts on this? and whether you actually physically touch or not can it have the same effect?

    1. First, it doesn’t matter if you touch a person or not, the effect of the treatment would be the same.

      Reiki is a universal energy and also self intelligent, meaning, it goes where the recipient needs the energy to be.

      A good practitioner knows about this and also knows that he/she can’t manipulate the energy flow.

      Finding a good, reliable practitioner is always important and worth while to research, word of mouth especially is always a good start.

      However, your fear about receiving unwanted spirits or negative energy is unfounded. No one can do this!!!

      The only thing what can happen when someone is not what he/she claims to be is…..nothing!! Nothing will happen, bad or good.

      This always is a fear people might have because of untrue reports and talks.

      I do long distance healing, which has nothing to do to give a person an attunement which will make them a Reiki practitioner. I am against this totally, as I have pointed out in my article.

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